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Arthur starts by reminding us that the Saints have been given a responsibility in the earth. It is not just about being saved.  It is about occupying and taking dominion.  It is mandatory that we get discipled and then make disciples This is the only way the Kingdom will be built.  Our Messiah, Yeshua, didn’t come to build a church.  He came to build His people, to build the body. We have HIS work to carry on! We have been given the power and authority from the Almighty that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the called out ones! We are ALL called to ministry.

The subtitle of the teaching is New Testament Grace and the Fear of YeHoVaH. Throughout the teaching Arthur emphasized that the Father is no longer winking, but it is time for people to understand the fear of YeHoVaH the way it was intended to be understood.


Acts 17:30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (KJV)

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Ananias and Sapphira are stark examples of immediate consequences for sin. Arthur said, he made sense of this by realizing that YeHoVaH was making a statement of ZERO tolerance for lying or bearing false witness. This was the first generation of believers and the standard was being set.

Through the example of Ananias and Sapphira, Arthur gave many object lessons including:

  • The Law for the believer is designed to restrain us, to keep us from gratifying the lusts of the flesh. Ananias and Sapphira succumbed to the love of money, which is the root of all evil.
  • Agreement is good as long as you are in agreement with YeHoVaH FIRST.  If you are in agreement with something that is not in agreement with Him, you are in an agreement MESS. When evil is in the mix, you can’t even blame Satan for your actions because you came into agreement with his suggestion, he’s not to blame, it’s YOU.
  • There is absolutely nothing that you can do in the darkness that will not come to the light. It’s better for you to bring it to the light than to be found out that you were in darkness. I think that if either Ananias or Sapphira had spoken the truth, they would have been saved.
  • There is always a record!  That answers the question of how Peter knew that they were holding back a part of the money received for the sale of their property. The Holy Spirit sees all and will reveal it to the elect.
  • People will lie when they don’t have a fear of YeHoVaH. This was the core of the problem with Ananias and Sapphire! YeHoVaH is looking for people that will not compromise on their word. So, as Arthur said, “Don’t promise what you can’t deliver!”

Arthur left us with this thought: Be discerning about who you allow in your life and in your space. Because you are either influencing or being influenced

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

A word to the wise is sufficient! However not all people are wise in the areas in which they
are warned to take heed. This morning, Floyd told me about an incident that happened in his young teen years that shines a spotlight on “you are either influencing or being influenced!”

Floyd had four buddies when he attended Junior High School in Detroit. They all lived in the same neighborhood, walked to school together, had some classes together, ate lunch
together, walked home together, shared secrets, and hung out together. As Floyd told the
story, one of the boys, Dan, was often mistaken for Floyd’s brother because they were both quiet and had “slanted eyes”.

Frank also lived in the neighborhood and was a year older. Frank was known as a thief and a bully. The truant officer made frequent visits to Frank’s home. Dan became fascinated with the excitement of how Frank lived and started to hang out more with Frank than with Floyd and the other three guys. Floyd and the other guys tried to tell Dan that Frank was trouble and that Dan shouldn’t hang around him. Dan did not listen.

Floyd sighed heavily as he continued, “At 9 or 10 PM on a SCHOOL NIGHT…” Frank and two other boys drove up to Dan’s house and got him to go for a joy ride. Frank had stolen the car. The police spotted the car and Frank sped up to out-run the police. Dan panicked and jumped out of the moving car! He was killed instantly.

Some decisions we make, under the influence of others, have results that cannot be reversed. What happened to Frank? During the ensuing years he was arrested for carrying weapons; resisting and obstructing an officer; and manslaughter. This morning when we looked on Michigan’s Offender Tracking Information System, Frank was in prison for LIFE for second degree homicide murder.

Enough said!

Buzz on the Teaching

Well into the Fellowship time, I joined a conversational group of four Sister Saints. We began, to discuss the healing effects associated with anointing oil to the feet. That conversation took a turn into some expected experiences with foot washing. There at the table was a former non-denominational, a former Pentecostal, 2 former Seventh-day Adventists and me, a former Adventist with a Primitive Baptist Church background.

First we acknowledged that foot washing was not a command, but it was done by Yeshua
as a lesson on humility. Then we began to talk about how it was performed in the churches
we had attended. All of the churches paired women with women and the men were with men. Some churches had children involved too.

Some churches had prayer during that time, some sung songs, and even one had a prayer
request opportunity.

The Primitive Baptists were the only ones that had one pan of water that was not changed
between the washing of the two persons’ feet. “UGH!”

The rest changed the water between the washings. One Adventist church sprayed the pan
with fungicidal spray between washings. “HUH?”

The Primitive Baptists had special towels that tied around your waist and was long enough to dry the other person’s feet. My Grandmother was buried with her foot washing towel wrapped around her waist.

One church did not have separate towels for each person. “YIKES!”

Then the former non-denominational Sister said, “We wore gloves!” The former Pentecostal Sister, rolled her eyes and said, “What are we doing? Surgery??” We all laughed!

We all agreed that sometimes man can get so caught up in the procedure that we forget the purpose. Let’s pray we always see the Father’s Plan in all that we do.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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