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Your tongue charts the course of your life!  Where are you headed?  Arthur posed this question for serious consideration.  He reminded us that following our Master Yeshua Messiah is a lifetime journey where we have to endure until the end.  Every course adjustment coming from our rudder (tongue) matters.  

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We are Ambassadors of the Divine Kingdom.  We need to walk and talk like Official Representatives of our Elohim, not representing ourselves, denominations, or any other man.  Arthur said that those of us looking for the approval of men, even “spiritual” men, are looking at the wrong source for approval!  We may think that someone, who has been in the faith longer than we have, is more spiritually advanced than we are.  However, as Arthur pronounced, “There is no seniority in the Kingdom!”

This teaching was a transition in thought from the previous two teachings on Fearing YeHoVaH.  Arthur directed us to “Fear Not!” in reference to fearing no man.  This was a critical lesson for the Apostles in Acts 5 to learn and live out.  It took “BOLDNESS” on the part of the Apostles – after their second arrest, incarceration, threats from the ruling Council, and beating – to continue to preach and teach in Yeshua’s Name on the council’s turf, in the Temple Court!  They chose to follow Elohim rather than follow the dictates of men. 

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Arthur then shares with us a strategy to help even in times when our spiritual strength may be weak.  These are situations when it is very important to have Torah observers with good godly counsel in our lives.  At a moment of weakness, we should always seek good council and guidance.

Arthur moved further on in the teaching by explaining that the Jewish Council wanted to kill the Apostles, but were held at bay by Gamaliel, a doctor of the law and Council member.  Listen to the “back story” of Gamaliel’s wisdom.

Even Gamaliel knew that man cannot win a fight against Elohim!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

When Arthur shared a childhood experience of being rejected from a sports team, my mind flashed back to General George Custer Elementary School in Detroit.  There I was standing with my classmates and the teacher on the playground.  We were choosing teams to play baseball.  I was the last one left.  The teacher had to put me on a team.  I was short and chubby.  I couldn’t hit the ball. I couldn’t catch the ball especially with a glove on.  And my ability to propel myself through space - run – was pitiful!  The rejection was embarrassing, but I survived it!  The sting of the rejection was tempered by the fact that my grades were very good and I was loved at home.

I see parallels between that baseball team rejection and the rejection I have often felt from family and friends because of my walk with Yeshua, the living Torah.  I can’t eat the unclean things that they call “food”, I won’t participate in talking about the latest gossip, and I don’t celebrate their holidays.  I am a foreigner that shines light where they would rather be content in their darkness.

HOWEVER, the Torah IS MY Standard by which I can get good grades, and I am loved by my Father!  Halleluyah!!  As Arthur said, we shouldn’t worry about who likes us and who doesn’t like us; The Most Important Relationship IS the one we have With The FATHER!

Buzz on the Teaching

I was filled with great anticipation and could hardly wait to get to HOI on Shabbat.  Why?  My friend and Sister Saint from Germany would be at HOI with her family.  They have moved back to the States! When I walked in, they were already fellowshipping with the Praise Team Ladies.  It was wonderful to see them!  I mentioned how marvelous it is to be living in the 21st Century where we are so mobile.  I had just seen them less than 6 months ago in London, on the other side of the “pond”. 

Sister Saint and I had a rousing conversation about child rearing with three other Sister Saints.  We talked about giving children a firm grounding in the law and life of Torah before they would be exposed to the ways of the world.  When we shared potty training experiences, there was great laughter around the table and sighs of relief for the Moms that had finished that phase of child rearing.  One Mom was listening for tips to deal with her toddler and an unmarried Sister Saint was leaning forward to glean information for future use.

Just as we were starting to share stories of how our children had tried to manipulate and control us, Arthur stopped at the table.  He reminded us that children are born of the devil.  Children do not have to be taught to be selfish, lie, hide, or steal; it comes naturally.  One Mom said when her child was born, she did not want to believe that.  But, as time went on, she realized that her child had to be taught obedience and the rebellious behavior was there without any teaching!

The conversation changed to discussing how to deal with relatives expecting us to attend family events on a Sabbath.  My Sister Saint and her family were waiting until sundown to go to a family event.  Arthur suggested to have a non-confrontational attitude when asked why they were not there earlier.  “I had something important to take care of, but I am here nowHow are you?”  This resonated with all of us as an approach that would work.

As Arthur reminded us earlier during the lesson, we catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  Not that we want to catch flies, but we can certainly build better relationships with a positive rather than a negative attitude.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,



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