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Shalom Saints,

This was a “fish or cut bait” teaching!  Arthur’s convictions and the leading of the Holy Spirit outweighed the planned topic for this message.  In the Introduction, Arthur said that the Father gives us what He wants us to have at the time we are ready to receive it.  So this must have been the time to deal with girding up our loins to be a son of YeHoVaH, walking what we talk, and using our given power and authority to change the dynamics of situations in our lives.  This teaching was not for the faint at heart.  This was for the person who was ready to cast off doctrines and walk in the faith of Yeshua as expressed through the experiences shared by Arthur and the Apostles of the Bible. 

During the Prayer before the message, Arthur declared that life can be overwhelming at times and yet the Father will sustain us IF we endure to the end and are steadfast in our faith in Yeshua.  That is why it is important that we study the life of Yeshua, our perfect example, and the eyewitness reports of the disciples that walked with our Messiah.  We have to know the word so that we don’t get caught in the snare of using verses from the Bible to justify ourselves whether our behavior is consistent with YeHoVaH’s word or not. 

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Arthur dealt with the ethnic/cultural prejudices that were happening in Biblical times and that continue through today.  One issue in Scripture was the lack of provisions being made for the Greek widows and the preferential treatment of the Hebrew widows.  Arthur talked about how society indoctrinates us into thinking we have to be on a side:  Democrat/Republican, American/Non-American, etc.  As human beings we can become so consumed with ourselves and our cliques that no one else matters.  Arthur reasoned with us and asked “How is it that somebody can put thoughts in your head to cause you to disobey the One who made you?” 

Our society has taught us to be self-centered.  This type of thinking is very dangerous. We must intentionally take care of the things the Father has specifically required of us to care for or they can easily be overlooked when we are doing the things that we and our cliques care about.  

In the midst of all this self-deception, we may want to believe that ALL human beings are YeHoVaH’s children.  Not so!  To those that receive Yeshua, to them He gave the power to become the children of YeHoVaH!  Arthur reaches back to the Thursday teaching when he explained that because you are a “seed” does not make you a “son”.  The “son” takes on the nature and character of the Father.  Whose son are you?  According to John 3:16-17, the only thing that keeps your child, you, your spouse, your parents, or anybody else from being condemned is faith in Yeshua with the application of His word

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Arthur started closing out the teaching by discussing the Installation of the seven Greek deacons in the 1st Century congregation.  The deacons were given the responsibility to resolve inequity issues and to serve tables amongst the Saints.  These men were of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost, and wisdom.  Listen as Arthur spins off and discusses how we can be effective problem solvers.

In conclusion, Arthur reminds us that we only have one teacher, Yeshua, and we only have one Father, YeHoVaH.  Men have handed down a lot of mixture to us and we have to distinguish the truth from the mixture.  It is imperative that we keep our eyes on the Almighty, learn Hi​​​​s ways and follow Him, even when we are learning from those who claim to be of Him.

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

I was riveted to the computer screen watching this teaching!  (Floyd and I had gone to Sapphire Valley, NC for a few days.)  Throughout the message, Floyd and I made eye contact and said a few words of agreement to what Arthur was catapulting at us.  In the first few minutes, we were nodding that the problems we are currently facing “pale” in comparison to the situations and circumstances YeHoVaH has already brought us through. 

Personally, I think of when our son Winston had been in our home for nearly a year and a prior unknown Aunt contacted the Foster Care agency wanting to adopt him.  After doing a home study on both of us, the State decided in our favor!

About thirteen years ago, I was having unexplained abdominal pains for months.  I finally went to a friend’s doctor who informed me that I needed emergency surgery that week.  While in the hospital, a nurse told me how fortunate I had been because if I have gone two more weeks, I could have been dead.  Then on the follow-up visit, the doctor tells me the lab said I had stage 6 cancer.  The doctor said that if he had known that, he would have performed a different type of surgery.  However, he said that it didn’t look cancerous to him.  He sent the cysts to a different lab and Praise YeHoVaH; I did not have any cancer!

When Floyd was nearing retirement in 2004, we were concerned about a drop in income and we were raising two children.  I was a stay-at-home wife, Mom, and homeschool teacher.  A couple of months before his April retirement date, the Social Security Administration informed us that we would receive benefits for both of our children until they were 18 years of age!

The list of blessings, healings, financial deliverances, revelations, and miracles go on and on!

I am forever grateful for past deliverances and look forward to the blessings that await me each day.  I do my part of “obedience” and I can count on the Father fulfilling His promises to provide, protect, and bless His own!

Until next time … Blessings to You and Yours,


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