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Arthur was called to be an Apostle, but he took on the mantle of Prophet for this Message before the Message.  Watching him deliver words from the Almighty with the intensity and sincerity of heart that he had, brought to mind Arthur’s kindred spirit with Jeremiah, Isaiah and other Biblical Prophets.  If this is difficult for you to conceptualize, then perhaps you have allowed yourself to be separated from the Book.  As Arthur said, when we receive instructions from the Almighty, follow those instructions, and then witness the outcome of your obedience, those actions are worthy to be written in the Book.  (Listen to the Video Snippet below.)  There was no doubt that Arthur, as a willing vessel, was speaking forth the words of the Father.

Amos 3:7 King James Version (KJV)

7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Arthur said that it never fails that whenever there has been a move of the spirit, there has always been an enemy retaliation in the spirit.  This cycle has played out over and over in Arthur’s life and in the Bible.  Arthur’s point was to impress upon us the existence of this cycle so that we aren’t caught unaware.  Because we are divine, the enemy is constantly trying to keep us from walking in the divine nature which Yeshua demonstrated.   We have a choice, we can be a willing vessel for the enemy or for the Holy Spirit.  Neither can carry out their actions without a willing participant.  Arthur emphatically said, “This is clear Saints, our struggles are not with flesh and blood.  If you are not careful, you will look at the vessel and not the spirit that the vessel has yielded to.” 

With that warning, Fear Not!  Arthur rightly said, “The only time harm can come to you is when you step out of the anointing and start walking in the carnal.”

The Teaching from Acts 8 was about the incident that happened between Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, an Ambassador of the Ethiopian Queen.  During that discussion, Arthur elaborated on several topics.

  • The present day Ethiopia is not geographically the Ethiopia in the Bible.
  • Searching the Bible/Scriptures is work. In order to study to show yourself approved, one must diligently study, not just casually read the Bible.
  • The same Holy Spirit that hovered over the deep at creation, is the same Holy Spirit today that wants to manifest in our lives.
  • Our battle is to hold on to what we receive from the Father by immediately applying it in our lives before it is stolen by the enemy’s tactics to kill, steal, and destroy.
  • Many people are separated from the bookand therefore they are reduced to the limitations of what men allow.  The only way to become one with the book is to identify yourself in the book.  We are the Saints of the Book!

Here is a Snippet from the Teaching.

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

In order to see myself in the Bible, I have to believe it because the word says so.  If I wait on my feelings to align with the word, I could miss out on my divine status and blessings.  If I wait on the majority of the people I know to concur with the word, I will miss out.  I often reflect on people proclaiming and feeling a sense of security because the majority of their world is Christian and “all of us can’t be wrong!”  However, they will nod their heads and agree that the people of Noah’s day should have listened to Noah and got on the ark.  They know the ark sailed with only eight souls aboard, but somehow that does not apply to them. 

I am not condemning them because I was in that same frame of mind during my Christian walk.  I pray for enlightenment, revelations and other Saintly laborers to reach my loved ones who aren’t listening to me.

A constant battle for me is to hold onto what I receive from the Father.  If I don’t immediately apply it in my life, it will be gone.  I know that countless times I have heard a good word or read scripture that I knew was for me, but I procrastinated about implementing it in my life.  A good example was the Discipleship Program.  I waited a year after the Program was launched in January 2015 to actually start the Program YeHoVaH told me I needed to complete.  And I also had my own pressure, that since I worked for the ministry, I SHOULD be certified.  During that year, I convinced myself that I was going to start, it was just a matter of time.  “I would get to it.”  Well, time passed and the initial enthusiasm faded and I succumbed to the distractions the enemy placed in my path. 


My wake-up call was when Arthur put before the congregation, “If you are not hearing from the Father, go back to the last thing He told you to do and DO IT!”  I knew that was ME!   I did finish the Program in August of 2016.

So, a word from your fellow traveler on this faith walk, “When you receive a word, instructions, and/or correction from the Father, DO IT IMMEDIATELY!”  That is my love gift to you today.


Buzz on the Teaching

I was Online in Sevierville, Tennessee for this Teaching.  I was recuperating from dental surgery the previous Thursday.  That said, I wasn’t at HOI Fellowship to hear the “Buzz” so I thought I would share some of the Online Buzz that happened on Shabbat. 

  • I was listening to last week’s teaching since I was unable to last week. It was so good I didn’t want to stop, but I really want to listen to today’s teaching live.
  • Going full screen … this is too good to be distracted.
  • Powerful already & JUST what I needed to hear.
  • Some of Arthur’s best sermons happen at the beginning of Services.
  • Unless someone is seeking truth they will not find it. There first has to be a hunger to know truth. There first has to be an awakening in their heart that they are not getting the entire truth.  Just like Arthur just said.  Your religious mind will not question what you are being taught.
  • I pray for that body of “hope filled” believers, that they have their eyes opened and run the race!!!
  • Preach it Arthur!!! Amen!
  • Don’t stop now Arthur, you’re just getting warmed up!!!


These are perfect companions for this Teaching: How to Hear God's Voice & Power of The Holy Spirit

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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