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Arthur steadfastly stands on the word that the disciples actually began to do what Yeshua said they could do!  He began the teaching with encouraging us to receive the anointing and the calling that the Almighty has placed on our lives and for us to begin to demonstrate our power and authority.  Arthur said the main reason that many people do not walk in their anointing is that they don’t see it being done!  Well, that is not an excuse for the people connected to this ministry!

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Arthur shared with us that he wants to see all of YeHoVaH’s people 100% healed and to see all of YeHoVaH’s people prosperous.  The healings that happened during Passover and The Feast of Unleavened Bread, plus the many in-house and online testimonies was the evidence that the power of the Almighty was manifesting!  Several times Arthur reminded us that you could receive healing from testimonials.  All it takes is coming in agreement with the faith that is extended for the testifying person to receive their healing.  Your testimony builds faith in others!  When you are healed, give a testimony of the power of the Almighty working in your life and in your body. 

Arthur shared with us ten Keys to Ministering Healing.  I cannot stress enough how important those Keys are!  When you follow these instructions, you will see a profound effect on your prayer life and you will see the manifestation of the power and authority that you have been given by the Almighty.


Keys to Ministering Healing 

  1. Have confidence in Yeshua that He will heal immediately.
  2. Do not waver in your thinking or in your faith.
  3. When you pray for people to be healed, focus on the outcome of the healing.
  4. Realize that Yeshua is the one healing and you are the vessel He is using at the moment.  You must rid yourself of doubt and double mindedness.
  5. You must eliminate thoughts that are contrary to your prayer and what you are praying and believing for.
  6. You must have faith that Yeshua will heal them now, not tomorrow or next week, but at that very moment.
  7. You must not take the credit for the healing, nor the blame if the healing doesn’t manifest at the precise moment.
  8. Sometimes healing is gradual or the person desiring healing may not be in full faith or agreement for their healing.
  9. Sometimes sin or unforgiveness may be in the way of their healing.
  10. Always use discernment and be in tune with YeHoVaH for any words of faith or instructions He may give you to act on or to give to the person you are praying for.

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Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

In 2012, I was in a skating accident.  It didn’t have to happen because I was warned by my husband, son, and daughter, “Don’t do it!”  For the thrill of the moment, I skated and then broke my right leg.  I was 64 years of age and this was the very first time I had broken any bones in my body.  I felt foolish; I was foolish.  I wasn’t even a skater! 

The break was right below my knee.  I had surgery to place a steel rod in my leg.  What bothered me most was, “Would it heal properly?”  I repented and repented; and prayed and prayed.  The recuperation period was about 3-4 months.  I had to fight to keep the “cripple” thoughts out of my mind. 

I had been watching Arthur for nearly two years at that time.  Therefore, I knew that I had to cast down all thoughts that were against my healing completely and just confess the healing that was promised to those that believe on Yeshua and keep the Commandments of YeHoVaH. 

My recuperation went from bed-ridden, to wheel chair, to walker, to cane, and then to walking carefully so that I did not put all my weight on my right leg.  During the limping phase was when I was most attacked by the enemy that this would be my lot for the rest of my life.  Now some may think that I was in my elderly years and ready for the rocking chair, but that was far from my mind.  I was raising the two children we had adopted as infants; they were 13 and 14 at that time.  I was helping to take care of my mother, who was living with us at the time.  We both had home nurses coming to see us.  I had to get back to normal!

One day, I went grocery shopping with Floyd and I saw a man moving through the store quite rapidly.  He was limping, but it was obvious from the way he moved that the leg was healed, but in a way where the limp was permanent.  I nearly froze in horror!  As my cousin says, “The devil is a lie!”  I determined in my heart, mind, and spirit that I was going to heal completely and would not even let a trickle of a limping thought come into my mind.

  1. You must eliminate thoughts that are contrary to your prayer and what you are praying and believing for.

HalleluYAH!  No one even knows that I had a broken leg unless I tell them.  Praise YeHoVaH!


Buzz on the Teaching

We were blessed to have a new group of Saints from New Mexico join us for the last weekend of the Feasts.  They have a home ministry.  They have also been watching the teachings from House of Israel for 3 years.  I enjoyed fellowshipping with them and sharing our testimonies of how we individually made our ways to the true gospel as a result of YeHoVaH  taking the scales off of our eyes.  I am grateful that the Father blessed them with the desire, provisions, and the protection to join us for the Sabbath and the 7th Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread/Firstfruits. 


Many prayers of healing went forth the first weekend of the Feast in the three back-to-back services.  My husband, Floyd, prayed along with the prayers for his healing of issues associated with diabetes that included his heart, breathing, and his feet.  During this Sabbath service, he told me that he felt rejuvenated; his feet did not hurt, in fact, he felt light on his feet.  Later, with a Brother Saint, Floyd shared that he felt good and plans to continue eating in a matter that will allow him to keep his healing.  HalleluYAH!


Until next time … Blessings to You and Yours,


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