Shalom Saints,

Depending on what you do with the message Marcus shared, this two-part teaching is either a wakeup call or the last nail in your coffin.  In Part 1, Marcus spoke with unflinching determination to get us to understand that each of us is required to take responsibility for our actions.  Why?  Because before we were formed in the womb, YeHoVaH had a plan and a purpose for each of us.  Therefore, it is our responsibility to ask Father to reveal our calling to us and believe that He will supply all that is necessary for us to walk in our calling. 

The anointing, as Marcus explained, is a physical action that helps to connect us to our supernatural and divinely inspired purpose.  The Father is looking for servants to execute His will.  He equips us with the power, authority, and the provisions to fulfill our calling.  

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Marcus challenges us to press for the breakthrough!  We have to break through the wall of fear, doubt, apprehension, and lack of resources.  Whatever the Father has given you to do, do it!

In Part 2, Marcus started by reminding us not to despise small beginnings because big changes can take place when we start and “keep it moving”.  The small steps engage us in the process of working out YeHoVaH’s plan for our lives and they are an inspiration to others.  Those small steps are the catalyst for remarkable things happening and they have ripple effects into eternity!  Your forward walking is a witness to others, a bright light shining.  Marcus emphasized that we may be the only Yeshua our neighbor sees!

Marcus brought it to our attention that we should be about our Father’s business TODAY!  Then he looked at us and said it should have been yesterday because the enemy does not take days off.  Furthermore, we are in a battle, but the battle is not ours!  HalleluYAH! 

When we are feeling apprehensive, Marcus advised us to remind YeHoVaH and ourselves of the promises, protections, and blessings that the Father has pledged us.

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Listen as Marcus assured us that the Father would tell us what our part is in the Kingdom. 

As Marcus asked, “Will you keep Father’s Commands?


Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

 I believe that I am called to spread the gospel through my writings, my work at the ministry, and through the life that I live.  Marcus’ teachings impressed me to “keep it moving!”  I have a book in rough draft form that I work on in my spare time.  I am sensing through the Holy Spirit that I need to move my writing to a front burner and keep it moving forward. 

I have noticed that when I spend a few hours each week writing, I stay at an energized level and the creative thoughts flow.  Here lately, I have been slack in the time that I spend writing and a feeling of doubt about whether it is worth the effort wants to creep in.  I recognize the high and low emotions and realize that I must remain focused on what the Father gave me to do and not be directed by my emotions. 

I am determined to keep my hand to the plow in this writing endeavor and my eyes focused on my responsibility in the Kingdom.   As Marcus said, creation is waiting for the people of God to manifestation their light!  I want to do my part!


Buzz on the Teaching

One way to describe the Dedication Weekend is “Smorgasbord!”  There were 115 persons, numerous messages and teachings, a variety of vendors, a splendid variety of foods, and the presence of YeHoVaH! 

I believe I spoke to every one of the nearly 60 guests.  I heard many testimonies, hopes, struggles, and aspirations.  I will share a few.

  • I received the confirmation to move to Charlotte! I am waiting on the Father to tell me when.  I am ready!
  • I didn’t realize what my Sister Saint was going through on a daily basis until I came to help her and lighten her burden.
  • It takes young people to reach young people. That is what I desire to do.
  • My purpose in life is found in communion with the One who made me.
  • Pray for me. I am standing in faith to know my purpose.
  • I was sanctified for a purpose before I was formed, but I may not be walking in it if I fail to yield to and inquire of YeHoVaH.
  • I am wondering about the example I am setting for my children when I compromise the Sabbath to attend their sports events.
  • My husband and I are going to minister to a young couple and share some wisdom from our experiences raising a family.
  • This weekend was like being at a family reunion!


Until next time…  Blessings to You and Yours,


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