Being Like Bereans Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,

Arthur’s message was all about the necessity for reading the Instruction Book of Life, the Bible.  The majority of us had heard the phrase, “Be like a Berean!”  However, Arthur pulled back the veil and delved into the practical application of this phrase in our lives.  He let us know that prerequisites were required before we just “started reading”.  We all have been raised with cultural, ethnic, political, and religious mindsets that have to be overthrown so that we can read the Bible without those mindset filters

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Arthur implored us to destroy the mindsets that block the truth.  He said to start by, “listening to the words that you allow to come out of your mouth, then and only then, will you be able to understand clearly what’s really operating in you.”  Next, embrace the fact that we were created to be life-long learners.  “The closed-minded person has learned all they are willing to learn.”  You will also need to understand that when you become a student of the Bible, you don’t need to argue with people about religion, just share your faith.  They will either accept what you say or reject what you say.  You cannot force a person to believe against their will.  

Arthur described in detail 7 noble characteristics of the Jews and Greeks of Berea.  I agree with Arthur that there is much to learn from the Bereans.

  1. The Bereans were noble minded when it came to the Word. describes noble minded as characterized by morally admirable thoughts or motives; righteous; worthy.
  2. The Bereans received the Word.
  3. The Bereans had a readiness of mind.  They were willing, open minded, and teachable.  Arthur reminded us not to let our past prejudices and knowledge affect our acceptance of new truth.
  4. The Bereans searched the Scriptures daily.  They only had the Old Testament; this proves that what Paul taught concerning Messiah and His crucifixion could be verified in the Old Testament.
  5. The Bereans compared what Paul said to what was written to see if what Paul taught lined up with what was written.
  6. When the Bereans saw that what was being taught lined up with what was written, they believed.
  7. The Bereans were identified as Jews and Greeks before they believed.  They were called Brethren after they believed.  When a person receives the truth of the Gospel of Messiah, and is transformed, they are no longer a gentile/heathen even though they continue to be the same ethnicity.  We become Brethren of the same family in Messiah regardless of our culture, ethnicity, race, gender, etc.

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Near the end of the Teaching, Arthur reflected on Paul’s life of trials and tribulations and shared another three important takeaways from this Teaching.


  • Arthur believed that Paul, in some ways, was reaping some of what he had sown as a persecutor of the Saints prior to his conversion to faith in Yeshua.  Another reality check was, just because you have asked Yeshua into your life does not make all those seeds you sowed die in the ground.  They will bring a harvest that you will have to face.  Nevertheless, continue planting good seeds
  • In the midst of Paul being persecuted, we don’t want to lose focus of the fact that people were being awakened to the truth of the Gospel. 

  • You can face a setback today, but don’t let that setback determine your tomorrow.  The Almighty orders our steps; that means we have to move!  Never be so afraid of making a mistake, or failing, that you don’t do anything

Reading Your Bible Will Cause Problems!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

In 2006, while deep in the clutches of Christianity, I was convicted that Saturday was the Sabbath.  The 7th day was the day that I and my family should be worshipping; not on the 1st day of the week, Sunday.  I was so on fire for coming to this truth, that I wanted to let the Home Bible Study group, which met in my house, know about my newfound truth and faith.  This news was a big flop; within a couple of weeks the group disbanded.  I was ousted and disappointed, especially because the group leader blamed me for the breakup. 

Then, I started to look to find a group that celebrated on Sabbath and still believed in Jesus.  I had been convicted of Sabbath during a religious television serial program.  It took me some time to determine the denomination of the speaker.  I finally found out that he was Seventh-day Adventist (SDA).  So, we found a local church and was readily accepted into their conclave.  This was fortunate for us because our biological families began to politely pull away.  We also had to distance ourselves because the main family functions came with meals prepared by pork-loving Moms, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.  This was the second ousting!

The third ousting was sure to come because I was still seeking truth. 

The celebration of Easter and Christmas with the SDA Church didn’t sit well with me.  After three years of denial and excuse making, the Father put me in the path of a Messianic family.  The Grandmother, who was my age, explained that God and Jesus had names and had very specific instructions by which we were to live our lives

Well, here we go again!  I try to bring my Seventh-day Adventist family with me on this truth journey. But once more, we were ousted by the very people that claimed “truth is progressive”. 

Being Like Bereans

We were bolstered in our faith by the new revelations that we were receiving.  We tried Messianic Judaism, but we didn’t take too well to being “second-class” citizens.  We were subjected to subtle rejection!  I was even told by a cantor, at a group in Alabama, not to speak the name of the Father again.  He couldn’t give me a good enough reason to stop saying the name of the Almighty that I had learned was above all names.  Of course, I had to say Yahweh one more time before I left their building.  Ousted again!

I have finally found the true body of Messiah where we are all brethren regardless of ethnicity or any other physical and cultural traits.  I have learned to accept ousting and doors closing as opportunities for YeHoVaH to stretch my faith and reveal more of Himself to me.  He is ordering my steps as I fearlessly keep moving by faith. 

May we all allow the Father to order our steps!

Psalm 37:23 Amplified Bible 
The steps of a [good and righteous] man are directed and established by the Lord, And He delights in his way [and blesses his path].

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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