Do I Listen to Him or Them?

Listen as Arthur addresses Questions, Comments, and the Issues that affect our lives.


When we have received instructions from YeHoVaH, then we receive contrary instructions from prophets, disciples, or other Spirit-filled Saints, how do we determine which voice to follow? 

Arthur’s Condensed Message 

Arthur recounts a situation where Father spoke a word to him to “go”!  Then very serious circumstances arose that screamed at him to “turn back”!  Arthur emphasizes that your relationship with the Almighty is primary and supreme over any other relationship!  You have to know the One that called you, and once He speaks to you, you have to resolve in your heart that you will follow Father no matter what other well-meaning or spirit-filled Saints say that is contrary. 

Listen to Arthur’s Complete Response

Are your Relationships in the proper order?

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