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Often my friends and family put me down and speak unkindly.  I know Father loves me, but I notice I have begun to internalize some of what they say about me.  What can I do?

Arthur’s Condensed Message 

Don’t let people diminish your value!  Get them and their voices out of your head.  Coming under their spirit will make you ineffective and unable to carry out your plan and purpose in Messiah.  The world and its opinion of you will steal your joy!

As a believer, you have value in what you say; don’t let people shut you down!  Be the best that you can be – all the time! 

Don’t let people make you something.  Be what Father makes you!

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In this Teaching, you will learn who believers really are!
Who Is Israel?

We have a standard that we have to walk by if we want the Almighty to back us up.

The society that we live in is trying to bring all of us into a mind-set to where we are accepting of things that we should oppose.

I hate the things that Father hates. I don’t hate people, but I can hate what people do.

Don’t allow the world to make you like the world!

We have to be constantly reminded that we are citizens of a Kingdom that is not of this world.

How can you be a set-a-part one and not be set-a-part?

What Father says about you matters more than what you think about yourself and what other people say about you.

People can say it is over for you, but it ain’t over until you come in agreement. It ain’t over until you say it is over!

Don’t let people diminish your value!

As believers, the Word is supposed to shape our thinking, which is why we need our minds renewed.

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