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Arthur, why is it that some people are sick, Father’s Word says He will heal us, but the person is not winning the battle over the attacks of the enemy?

Arthur’s Condensed Message 

Father wants to heal us.  He wants to make us whole.  However, Father has given us very clear Biblical Principles that we must follow to deal with dark unholy spiritual activity.  The only thing that enables individuals to withstand the works of the devil is the truth of the WordHearing the Word and not putting it into practice is not a good buffer against the attacks of the darkness of the enemy.  The only way Father is going to uphold you is when you stand on truth.  Listen as Arthur gives a warning of great consequence on how to deal with demonic activity.

Listen to Arthur’s Complete Response

Hearing the Voice of YeHoVaH is your first line of defense against the forces of darkness!

People of truth, when we believe something that is not truth, our response is to repent!

No matter how confident you are, you always have to give place to the idea that you could be wrong! (From a former mentor of Arthur)

Father is not leading us by emotions! … This is a led by the Spirit walk!

The greatest weapon of the enemy is deception.

People say they want help, but often times there are those who are not willing to do the work that brings about the change.

The main reasons why people disregard and disobey the Almighty is ignorance and self-centeredness.

Don’t spend your energy arguing with those who reject what you have to say.

The persecution, trials, and tribulations will cause you to question the truth that you know.

The only thing that enables individuals to withstand the works of the devil is the truth of the Word.

Father is looking for a people that He can use to tell the people, “Listen, you all are going the wrong way”.

Brothers and Sisters, Preach the Gospel, don’t compromise the Gospel regardless of how people may respond.

Like the disciples of old, who preached the Gospel wherever they went, we should preach wherever we go.

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  • Autumn Neil says:

    I desperately need to stand on my truth…. I have entertained demonic spirits since I was just a little girl… I wasn’t aware until tonight how critical sexual fantasies , masturbation, and sex before marriage can be determental to one’s spirit… I found an article on masturbation and well it was scary to hear this gives birth to demons… I’m terrified that I may have went to far, and am questioning my salvation now.. Please help! I want to testify and tell everyone how critical this is so others don’t make the same mistake

    • Arthur Bailey says:

      Shalom Autumn,

      Reaching out for help is a positive move toward overcoming addictive behaviors because you are acknowledging the issue.

      Masturbation is generally preceded by the sins of lust, immoral thoughts, and pornography. You will have to control your thoughts and actions. Cast down the thoughts, stop looking at pornography, etc.

      Train your eyes to look at men from the shoulders up; look away when provocative things come into your view. Watch television with the remote in your hand so you can turn from sensuous images.

      Above all, call out for help to Father in the midst of the times of temptation and refuse to give in to the fleshly desires. Be willing to go unfulfilled sexually than to masturbate.

      Beware that the perverted lustful spirits will lie to you and tell you that you can’t overcome this. It is a lie from the depths of darkness. You are an overcomer and will have the victory!

      I will be praying, and will forward your request to our Prayer Team, for your release from sexual lust and masturbation.

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