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My fourteen-year-old claims she is transgender and gay. How do I impart what the Word says in a way that her young confused mind might receive it? This is very hard for me to confront.

Arthur’s Abbreviated Counsel

In the Bible, the Almighty uses repetition with us.  So, every time you get an opportunity to correct your child, to give instructions, keep repeating the message

You may say, “But they know that!”  If they knew it, they would make a change! 

Therefore, you have to keep repeating, “No, you are not transgender!”  “No, you are not gay!”  “Whoever told you that is a liar!”  “That is confusion!”  “This is how the Almighty made us.”  “Here is the truth!”

The enemy’s agenda is to move us off the truth.  Once we give in to a demand that we don’t believe is right, we have just lost!

Listen to Arthur’s full counsel that is applicable to ALL of us.

LGBTQ is the acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.  In this EBook, you will see why Arthur thinks it is so important for us to be aware of this agenda.

He is most present in the presence of those who honor His Presence.

His Word is alive and it lives and abides forever.

The less knowledge and understanding that you have of His Word, the less the Holy Spirit can work in your life.

The deeper we get into Your Word, and the further we walk on this path of Messiah, the more we apply and appropriate Your Word in our lives.

To be born of water and the Spirit is to be cleansed by the Word and filled with the Spirit.

The Word without the Spirit is legalism; the Spirit without the Word is fanaticism.

When I know the Word, and I act contrary to the Word, the Spirit convicts me.

The only way to deal with the defilement of sin is by recognizing it, confessing it, and repenting so we can be washed/cleansed.

If we don’t learn from our lessons, we will repeat them and we will continue to repeat them.

All of us have been given a ministry!

If He has given me the Word to speak, I need to remove my attitude from it.

We should all be looking for the return of the Master, who promised He is coming back, unless we don’t believe Him.

Whether you expect Him to come or not, HE IS COMING!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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