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I value the revelations that Father continues to give you. How do I walk in faith so that Father will give me revelations to live by and share with others?

Arthur’s Condensed Answer

The more you grow in Him, the more you can be trusted with what He has to reveal.  You demonstrate your faith by applying the revelation, or the knowledge that He has revealed.  If He reveals something to you and you do nothing with it, why would He reveal anything more?

As you grow, the more He grows you! 

Listen as Arthur shares his experience of growing with Father.

Salvation is a process, not an event.  When we are born again, Father expects us to grow in faith. 


The more you grow in Him, the more you can be trusted with what He has to reveal.

You demonstrate your faithfulness to what Father has revealed to you by your application of the information, or the knowledge, that He has revealed.

If you say you believe something, then the fruit of what you believe should be manifesting in your life.

If I am confessing something contrary to what I believe, then I am not going to see the manifestation of what I believe; I will only see what I am saying.

The Kingdom of YeHoVaH is not a Kingdom that can be entered into by flesh.

Just as Yeshua was born of Elohim, those who are born again are born of Elohim.

How do you know someone is born again? They believe in Messiah.

Being born again is a process of maturing in Messiah.

Deliverance is encapsulated in obedience.

Lies don’t set us free; lies put us in bondage.

If you resist and quench the Spirit enough, the Spirit stops dealing with you.

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