Illnesses and Curses

Listen as Arthur addresses Questions, Comments, and the Issues that affect our lives.


Apostle Arthur, as related to sickness, do we know which illnesses are caused by curses?

Arthur’s Condensed Response 

Curses can only come if Father allows them to come.  If He does allow a curse to come, He is the one that can remove a curse from us when we seek Him for healing and deliverance. 

Father knows the reason that a sickness can come upon someone.  He also knows whether it is a curse or the result of a germ-ridden environment a person enters because they did not hear or heed the warning of YeHoVaH.  It is vital to recognize the voice of the Father because He will protect us when we have ears to hear. 

Father’s simple, plain, and quiet voice, if ignored, could bring catastrophic consequences.  It is very important for His people to know His Voice. 

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This is the essential Teaching that Arthur referenced: 

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