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Arthur, I need help.  My eating is out of control!  The desire for food overpowers my good sense to stop.  I see the scales going up and I feel helpless.  What do I need to do? 

Arthur’s Condensed Message 

At some point, we look at ourselves and don’t like what we see, but don’t do anything to change how we are.  That is self-destruction.  Yet, we continue in the same destructive behavior despite having plans that lead to weight loss and good health.  We even ignore warnings from others and ourselves.  This is not the work of the devilThis is self-deception.

The key is that you lack the understanding of the truth that is being presented to you.  When you truly understand, you must commit yourself to that truthSaying we are going to do better and doing better is two different things

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Prayer helps to connect us to the spiritual realm.  Through prayer, we have powerful keys to the Kingdom of Heaven!  If you don’t know who you are in the Heavenly Kingdom, the devil will give you an identity in his kingdom! 

Saying we are going to do better and doing better is two different things.

Father, we pray that whatever is in us, that is not of You, will be purged from us.

Because people have an understanding of Biblical movies, it gives them the impression that they have an understanding of the Bible.

Without understanding, we can’t walk in what Father is doing or what He is revealing.

The Word became flesh at a certain time, but the Word that became flesh was from the very beginning.

Grace came through Messiah who was in the beginning and made everything.

Just because grace is available doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody is going to embrace it or accept it.

A callous heart doesn’t happen overnight; it takes a while, and that while is a series of going through the motion.

Even though people may reject the Creator as the Creator, He is still the Creator that created!

We are all His creation, but we are not all His children.

When we are of the Kingdom, we look to the King for our provision.

The second death is determined by your relationship with the Creator.

The worldly rules will not protect you from the wiles of the devil.

Only those things done for Messiah will last; everything else burns.

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