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Thank you for this teaching!  My flesh is resisting the idea of letting go of past experiences.  However, I am currently in the path of overcoming and releasing the negative in order to remember and celebrate the positive. 

Arthur’s Condensed Message 

Of all the things that I have said today, that was probably one of the most crucial -- how we have to let things go.  Our mind is a Rolodex of other people’s mistakes.  It is hard to let somebody grow if we are constantly bringing up their past. 

When we delve into the past, we are bringing the past into the present instead of leaving it in the past where it belongs.  Along with the past situation comes the feelings and emotions (anger, fear, torment, etc.) and the bad place you dealt with in the past.  However, this time it is self-inflicted!

We have to get better at taking our thoughts captive and pulling them down. 

Release people!  Let them go!  Don’t let yesterday hinder you from rejoicing TODAY!

Listen to Arthur’s Complete Response

It is never too late to walk in your Kingdom authority free from offences!

There are things that are hidden from you that will be revealed to you at the proper time.

It is important to follow the instructions He has given you.

If you don’t forgive others who have wronged you, your sins will not be forgiven.

Fear is an indication that our relationship with the Almighty is not where it is supposed to be.

Father is always at work on our behalf, showing us favor, moving and influencing people, and advocating for us.

During these difficult times, it is also important to remember what YeHoVaH has said to you, about you, and what He has spoken to you through prophetic utterances.

It is not good to forget about what Father has brought you through.

Every day you will face adversity!

If you don’t rehearse doing the right thing, when you are faced with a test, chances are you won’t do the right thing.

Every day is a good day; some are better.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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