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Praise Report

My husband and I are in a battle against an enemy that the Almighty has let my husband and I win every battle.  Please pray that the Father lets us win all the battles that come because there are more to come.   

Arthur’s Condensed Message 

There will always be battles in our lives.  We are either fighting a battle, coming out of a battle, or about to go into a battle.  That is just the way it is! 

In the spiritual world, there are landmines all around us and the only One who knows where those landmines are is the Almighty.  Father will safely navigate you through all of the landmines and the pitfalls that the enemy has laid out for you.

The enemy tries to get us to ignore the Father, but the enemy can’t stop us! Our job is to stay focused and to keep moving forward.  We avoid the landmines by being slow to speak, being quick to hear, being slow to anger, and acknowledging the Father in all of our ways. 

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In order to acknowledge the Father in all our ways, we have to be able to discern the voices we hear every day from the Voice of YeHoVaH.

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