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What can I do to overcome the feeling I am just going through the motions of my daily walk with YeHoVaH, as if I’m treading water and going nowhere fast?

Arthur’s Condensed Response 

What you have just acknowledged is what we all feel like sometimes.  Our walk with YeHoVaH, most of the time, feels like we are treading water or swimming upstream.  Why?  We are surrounded by people that are going in a different direction and they may appear to be happy.  However, keep going!  Don’t stop!  Ask Father for physical and spiritual renewal!  Ask Father to refresh you in your faith!  Ask Father for the courage to press through!  When you are convinced in your own heart that the path you are on is right, you will feel alone, but YOU ARE NOT!

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Silence the voices coming against you with the rightly divided Word: Let No Man Judge You

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