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Arthur jump starts the teaching by reminding us that there are those that have preached what they say is the “Gospel of the Kingdom” only for us to realize that it wasn’t the “True Gospel of the Kingdom”. Then Arthur amusedly laughs and notes that it was a gospel and it was a kingdom. The American gospel that is preached in the corporate American churches did not originate with Yeshua/Jesus. The American churches identify themselves with Christianity, but do not teach what Yeshua or His disciples taught and preached.

As a way of review, Arthur goes through the five main evolutions of the Bible from Hebrew/Aramaic to the American English translation of the Bible that has been shipped around the world. In the translation of the Bible from one language to another, some words just do not directly translate. Honorable translators, with integrity, do their best to stay as close to the original meaning of the word in those situations. However, errors do happen when translators insert words that do not belong; e.g., “Easter” was inserted.

The English translations of the Bible, along with our customs and culture, are being transported to other nations. However, this was not the gospel that Yeshua told us to take to the nations of the world. Listen as Arthur tells how we have been duped by subliminal messages planted in our spirits.

The Bible contains the Truth of Yehovah and man-made insertions. We have to distinguish between the two in order to get the mixture out of our minds and practices. Then, we can walk in the power and authority that the word is designed to bring about.

The gospel that Yeshua taught and the gospel His disciples taught is not the same gospel that is being taught in the westernized church today. The gospel that is preached in America today has been westernized and Christianized and therefore has taken on a totally new identity.

“Gospel” is the translated word from the Greek New Testament meaning “good news”. However the concept of good news has roots in the Hebrew language of the Old Testament. As Arthur discusses this concept, he reminds us that we must use the correct tools when we search the Bible. An English dictionary is not the correct tool when you are searching out Greek or Hebrew words.

For the remainder of the teaching Arthur discussed the various names of the Gospel mentioned in the Bible.

  • The Gospel of YeHoVaH/God: the same as the Gospel of Yeshua and the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • The Gospel of Yeshua/Jesus: the Gospel that Yeshua spoke and preached; Yeshua is the Gospel
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom of God: repent and believe the Gospel of Yeshua
  • The Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Luke, Mark
  • Paul’s Gospel: the Gospel revealed to Paul by Yeshua
  • The Other Gospel: a gospel that was not taught by Yeshua or His disciples
  • The Everlasting Gospel: always was and always will be; has been preached from the beginning because Yeshua, who is the Gospel, existed before the world was made
  • Revelation: came from Yehovah and was given by Yeshua to Apostle John

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

I heard people say come to Jesus and enter into a flowery bed of ease, but I NEVER experienced it. When I came into the Messianic Faith, I had a rough row to hoe. Floyd and I met opposition from both sides of the family. It was mostly the silent treatment. Except from my Mother who couldn’t understand us and “all that Moses stuff” and my Sister who just knew we were in a cult.

Our faith created problems for us! My children had to ignore the jabs about me and any kind of religiosity that Mama would try to pour into them. It was a constant balancing act between making sure my children respected my Mother in spite of what she might spout off to them about me and that “Jewish religion”. I also had to speak with authority to my Mother about her behavior towards me and my children.

My Sister never involved my children in the differences of faith issue. But she was quite clear, and rightfully so, that we serve different Gods. I agreed with her and we just try to steer around those issues and agree to disagree. However, this makes for a limited relationship at best.

Listen as Arthur talks about how your faith will cost you, the herd mentality, and the problems caused by separating from the herd.

Buzz on the Teaching

During the opening prayer, Arthur marveled that Yehovah knows each of our needs distinctly and knows how to meet our needs accordingly. AND, our Father has the unique ability to speak to all of us at the same time in different ways. This was revealed in the many conversations I heard during the Fellowship.

My Brother Saint admitted to his error that brought about circumstances which caused him to have to go to work for someone. He is now recouping what he lost and plans to resume his entrepreneurial business. (Check out Arthur’s DVD and Book on Maximizing Your Talents:

Five Sister Saints and two brother Saints, at different times over the course of the evening, were discussing opportunities for them to be trained and/or go to school. They hoped to launch into businesses that would serve the body of Messiah.

One Brother Saint asked about a dream he had that puzzled him. A Sister Saint was able to offer a suggestion that flowed directly from his earlier conversation about his circumstances and relationships.

One Sister Saint has been wanting to hear from Yehovah and receive deliverance from some long standing issues. Three Sister Saints ministered to her and anointed her with oil during prayer. It was also suggested that she begin the Free, Accredited Discipleship Program ( ) that would give her a solid foundation in the faith and teach her the skills needed to search the scriptures for herself. She received that counsel and wanted to know more about the Program.

I am so thankful that we do not have a “cookie cutter” Elohim. We are all wonderfully and individually made and He treats us that way!

At the end of the teaching, Arthur prayed and asked the Father to reveal our errors and show us how we are supposed to live that we might be found pleasing to our Elohim. Two Sister Saints and I discussed how important it was to be silent and still so that we can hear our Father speaking to us. We lamented how sad it was that so many people, Saints included, fill their lives with activity, noise, and other distractions that compete with alone time with the Father. I shared with them that each night when the house is quiet, I reflect back over the day to do an assessment of how I was that day. This is a time for me to be honest with myself and look for ways to improve my walk of faith and treat others the way the Father requires. Sometimes I have a nagging feeling that is constant until I search it out, confess and repent of violating His will for me. It is only then that I can peacefully go to sleep. Other issues that I don’t directly control, I give to Yehovah with the realization that He can handle it better than me. Then, I go peacefully to sleep.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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