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The primary purpose of this teaching series is to provide correct knowledge (epignosis) so that people can reconnect to THE TRUTH and move out of what is just taught as truth. Arthur is genuinely concerned and wants people to stop playing Russian Roulette with their faith and search out the TRUTH. Most of us can recall that even as children some of the religious traditions did not make sense. Yet, we grew up in the traditions of our fathers and eventually adopted the same lies.

We will have to give an account of how we spent the time given to us on this earth. The time that we invest in our spiritual life, is time well spent. This teaching series, the Discipleship and Leadership Programs are a few investments that will have eternal rewards.

Discipleship 101 (Free Online):

Leadership 101 (Free Online):

Arthur starts the lesson with a review of Parts 1 and 2. The gospel that Yeshua and His disciples taught is not the same gospel that is being taught in the westernized church today. Where did it change?

To uncover the origin of the change, Arthur goes into a very interesting investigation of the word “gospel”. He reminds us that the first time a word is mentioned in scripture may be in its demonstration or meaning, but not in the usage of the word. Such is the case with “gospel”. Arthur shows us through scripture and word searches that “gospel” is the Greek word for “good news” and the term has its roots in the Hebrew language of the Old Testament as “bisar” which means “bear news” or “bear tidings”.

Arthur takes us on a Sherlockian exploit of word etymology. We explored the migration of the Hebrew people, the shift of the spoken language from Hebrew to Greek, and translation deviations. Then we went on to religious history and were shown how the gospel changed from what Yeshua taught- “Repent for the Kingdom of Yehovah is at hand”- to a gospel about the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Yeshua. As an illustration of this change, Arthur gives numerous examples of how one verse, Hebrews 6:1, morphed over time and over various translations of the Bible. This is shocking!

This teaching deserves to be a part of every believer’s library!

Arthur did say that these teachings are being put in book form and will be a part of the curriculum of the Hebrew Roots University along with the Discipleship 101, Leadership 101, and Galatians. Praise Yehovah for “epignosis!”

Galatians’ Commentary Books:

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

Before the teaching, Arthur posed a “stop and think” question: Which angels are you employing? Our words employ angels to carry out and manifest the words that we speak. In the spiritual world, there are no gray areas. We are either speaking life or death over our lives and others. Our words can be for our benefit or our detriment!

This is a basic understanding for Life 101! Even my extended family, when I was growing up, had certain idioms and phrases that reflected the understanding that there was power in words. Some of my family members were religious and some were nice heathens, so what they said had to be “taken with a grain of salt”. However, I came out of that background with a strong sense of “where there is a will, there is a way!” Only after coming into the truth have I been able to put real backbone to that understanding and consequently walk in the authority and power I have because the Holy Spirit dwells in me.

Buzz on the Teaching

After service, my Sister Saint and I had a lengthy conversation about our families and catching up to date on happenings in our lives. She said that the past two weeks were rough because her recently deceased mother’s birthday had occurred. Her close family members had called to check on her. The enemy paid a visit too.

She said, “Sharon, I remembered what you said might happen and it did! I just held on to what you said.” I was curious! “What did I say?” Sister Saint told me that I shared with her how the enemy kept trying to make me feel guilty about things I could have done before my mother passed. It was the “could have, should have” syndrome constantly going my mind. I had to make peace with myself and admit where I could have done better, ask Yehovah for forgiveness and forgive myself. And most of all, rebuke the enemy when he came prowling around wanting to attack me with his words. I held on to the words from Yehovah that once I confessed and repented, it was DONE and I should move on with my life.

Also, the enemy wanted to bring me into a fantasy world of guilt about things that wouldn’t have worked out even if I could have done them. Like, keep my mother at home with me. For one thing, my mother had her own mind and really did not want to live with me.

Sister Saint really could relate to my trials and we felt better knowing we both, through our faith, had overcome our common enemy.

What victories would you like to share?

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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