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Arthur opens by letting us know that Yehovah wants to mentally and spiritually prepare us for the serious blessings He desires to give us.

Yehovah has called each of us to greatness.

He will give us the provisions to make those things become a reality. It is so important for us to build our character as believers and followers of Messiah. Listen as Arthur describes how the spirit world is more real than what is happening in the natural world.

Arthur begins the teaching by clearly explaining when Yehovah confused the languages at the Tower of Babel, the origins of the various world languages, customs, cultures and traditions began. He went on to state that people have a tendency to separate by race, and other personal and group attributes that lead to pride. The pride of a particular group is manifested by believing that your group is superior to other groups, which in turn automatically makes the other groups inferior. This is the situation between the Grecian and Hebrew believers in the early days after the ascension of Yeshua.

During that time, only the Old Testament existed. The New Testament did not exist during the time of the Apostles ministries. Arthur shows from several references in Acts that Peter’s first two sermons were from the Psalms and the writing of the Prophet Joel. The Apostles learned from Yeshua who taught them from the Torah, Psalms and the Prophets.

Arthur transitions into defining prophecy as the ability to hear from Yehovah and to speak forth what we have heard. This is also a sign of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Then Arthur declares that we all have the ability to commune with Yehovah. Listen as Arthur articulates this truth as well as discussing we have the ability to resist sin.

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Signs and wonders are supposed to follow the believers. Paul wrote that he came to the brethren demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit. Many believers do not have the power because they were not taught about the authority and power we have as believers. When you are part of a congregation where the power has not been demonstrated, you may think that miracles, signs, and wonders no longer exist within the body of Messiah.

When Arthur went on the missionary trip to Russia, Yehovah told him, “Don’t teach doctrine, demonstrate MY power!” Arthur explains that our relationships should be focused on Yehovah more than on men.

Arthur devotes the last section of the teaching to exploring the impact that Marcion had, and still has, on the lives of believers. Marcion was excommunicated by the Catholic Church and rewrote his version of the Bible which only included New Testament portions that seemed to uphold his beliefs. Marcion rejected the God of the Old Testament as being evil and full of wrath. Marcion embraced the loving God of the New Testament who was full of grace with no Torah. As unbelievable as this theology seems, Arthur reminds us that every theology will attract followers.

What is amazing about Marcion’s doctrine, is that it is still unknowingly practiced today.  For instance:

  • Many people pray to Jesus and not to God when we were instructed by Yeshua to pray to God/Elohim.
  • Christianity rejects the Torah and embraces grace.
  • Many do not study the Old Testament and therefore have no understanding that the Old and New Testaments are ONE BOOK. They are therefore confused and cannot talk scripture, only the doctrine they are taught in their denomination.
  • Many reject parts of the Bible that do not coincide with their denomination’s beliefs.

As a result of Marcion’s heresy, the churches began to defend themselves by establishing statements of faith, like the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds. Also religious leaders in Judaism started writing their “oral” traditions and beliefs in the various books of the Talmud.

We need to understand the faith that we follow. This teaching is an eye-opener!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

I looked up the Apostle’s Creed that Floyd and I recited at one of the churches we attended. I was astounded to find out that the first mention of the Apostle’s creed was in 390 AD and supposedly each Apostle under the inspiration of the Holy Spirt added one of the twelve articles of faith. Some of the articles would NOT have been endorsed by the Apostles, i.e., the Trinity. The Torah says, Yehovah is One.

Today it only took 1 minute on the Internet for the truth to come to the light. Worse than finding out the creed was a fraud, I realized AGAIN how much of a blind follower I was. I didn’t even question what I was doing as I was being peddled by that denomination!

When I first read the Creed, I was mighty suspicion of the phrase “I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic Church, …” I was told that “catholic” meant universal church. But, I knew the Catholic Church was full of idolatry and I wanted nothing to do with it. So I would omit the word catholic in the creed and recite in unison the rest of the creed. If I really had eyes to see, and ears to hear, I would have known that worshipping on Sunday was following the Catholic Church, Big Time.

Buzz on the Teaching

Arthur mentioned several times that the devil uses distraction as a major weapon to steal Yehovah’s word from us. He also talked about how we must be diligent in seeking the word because the enemy attacks us by making us sleepy when we try to read or study the word. I know this is true, because this has happened to me. I learned how to prioritize my time with the Father and to value what I was learning. Then sleepiness was no longer an issue.

This week, I went to visit a relative in Florida. She has spent all of her life in the Sunday Church. I mentioned that Saturday is the Sabbath and there is no mention of a change to Sunday in the Bible. She said, “I wondered about that.” When I gave her some background on the change during Constantine’s reign, she just listened. There was no “Aha” moment or any indication that what she was doing was incorrect. I explained the 3 days and 3 nights and her eyes glossed over. I was explaining the truth and I began to feel awkward!

Later, I told her that I was working for the ministry and part of what I did was write Blogs. I asked if she would like to hear one. She jubilantly said, “Oh! Yes!” I hadn’t made it to the third sentence before her head dropped and she closed her eyes. At first, I wanted to think that she was closing out distractions and concentrating on what I was saying. I paused and she looked up and gave one of those smiles and looks that said, “I really was listening. Go on!” I tried a couple of more times reading and I got the same response. It was amazing to see it! She was like a mechanical doll! I could not get any real interest, so I just stopped. AND GUESS WHAT? She perked up and we continued a lively conversation of her choosing.

It is hard trying to penetrate the mind of someone who has been taught to love an ideology and reject the truth. This has been enforced through repetitious indoctrination within a community of people who bind together through these traditions. Arthur exhorts us to become familiar with scripture and to question what you read. The Bible was compiled by men. To question the interpreters is not questioning God. As long as you don’t think for yourself, you are subjugating yourself to the translators and preachers that interpret the Bible for you.

She did let me pray for her. I anointed her with Frankincense and asked the Father to give her an undeniable revelation of His truth.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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