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Arthur is an Apostle with the heart of a teacher. He constantly reminds us that even though he teaches in a manner so that we can easily share the message with others, it is vitally important that we write down what Yehovah is saying to us through these teachings. We should come to the service with the intention and expectation that Yehovah will speak to us. As Arthur said, man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, not proceeded. Yehovah’s word is alive and He speaks continually to those who have ears to hear. Our memory will often fail us, so we should be prepared to capture in writing what Yehovah is saying to us.

Arthur quickly transitioned to the affirmation that whatsoever a man thinketh, so is he. He implored us to question what we are being taught to be sure it is in line with scripture and stop expecting for our lives what the world tells us to expect (e.g., waning health and senior moments) and receive what the Almighty has in store for us (e.g., Deuteronomy 34:7 And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated. KJV).

As an introduction to this teaching, Arthur, very enthusiastically, lets us know that this message was not just for the people he was speaking to today, at HOI and Online, but he was speaking to future generations! That statement is a powerful propelling force in his Apostolic work that guides him toward his ultimate purpose… to be pleasing to Yehovah and share the true gospel of the Kingdom to the whole world.

The Gospel Of The Kingdom (2 DVDS):

In order to fully comprehend the teaching, we have to understand several facts about the languages and cultures of the Hebrews.

  • Hebrew/Aramaic, Greek, and Latin were spoken in Israel/Palestine during the time of Yeshua’s ministry.
  • Greek was the language of commerce and the dominate language of the known world during that time.
  • Many Hebrews did not speak Hebrew. They spoke Greek. 
  • The Septuagint is a translation of the Tanakh from Hebrew into Koine Greek. This was done for the benefit of the Hebrews that did not speak Hebrew.  
  • In the translation from Hebrew to Greek, Greek words and their cultural meanings replaced the Hebrew meanings. Listen to Arthur dramatically and humorously describe cultural differences and how cultures have been incorporated into the scriptures.

Here is the link to the teaching Arthur mentioned:

What Do We Do With Those Gentiles? (DVD)

Did you know a testament is not a covenant? Listen as Arthur explains this fact and how translating from Hebrew to Greek confused the meanings of these two concepts. When we just apply logic, our eyes are opened and we see that a lot of the information we had been fed defies logic and is not in scripture. 

Arthur continues to show us that many are claiming the promises of Abraham and rejecting the faith of Abraham in Yehovah. This is called cognitive dissidence, holding onto two opposing beliefs. Another illogical and unsearched fact is that Yeshua taught from the New Testament, because every disciple of Yeshua’s was dead before there was a New Testament.

Jeremiah and Hebrews are second witnesses to Yeshua speaking of the new covenant as putting the Torah into our mind and hearts. The covenant is made with the House of Israel which was designed by Yehovah to be a house of prayer for all nations.

As the teaching progresses, Arthur explains that the Latins/Italians translated the Bible from the Greek translation (Septuagint), not the original Hebrew. However the current English Bible has the Old Testament translated from the Hebrew and the New Testament translated from the Greek. Listen as Arthur explains how this leads us into getting a blank page between the testaments!

We must learn our scriptures so that we are not tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

False teachers can control people who don’t know their Bible. If you don’t have the tools to research for yourself, you are a target to be misled into whatever the false teachers steer you. Arthur often says that you don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect. Let me tell you about my experience with this truism!

When our family moved to South Carolina, Yehovah moved us within 6 weeks of the time He told us to go to the Carolinas to be a part of House of Israel. We did not have time before we left to sell our two houses that were on the same 5 acres. We rented them and the people in the larger house said they wanted to rent to own. We were happy with the arrangement and came to South Carolina.

When the renters in the smaller house moved out of the country, we rented the smaller house to relatives of the people in the larger house. We spoke to both sets of renters occasionally, they paid the rent regularly, and we didn’t go back to check on our property. We took their word as gospel on the condition of the house. When the AC unit needed its annual maintenance, they said don’t worry, we will have our cousin do it. We thought they were model tenants. I even sent them both copies of Sunday is NOT the Sabbath? And they even sent a couple of “blessings to you” notes with the rent.

Three and a half years pass. A neighbor called me and suggested that I come to see how the property was being junked up and there were two extra families living in my houses. I confronted the renters and they promised to ask the other families to leave. Then I asked a friend to go over and do a walk-through in both of the houses. She reported that all extra folk were gone, all looked well, but the houses and yards were cluttered.

Two months later, the renters in the smaller house lost jobs and we mutually agreed that they would pay rent for April and vacate the place by May 15th. We were really wanting to sell the property and not have to manage it from afar, so I engaged a realtor. We decided that Floyd, Winston, and Zoe would go to Alabama, meet the realtor, and clean the small house and property so we could sell it.

Well, all things in the dark will come to the light. The realtor went to see the property a week before my family got there. She called me and spoke in a southern drawl, “Mrs. Campbell….I just want to prepare you…..they haven’t done anything to intentionally tear-up your property…. I just think it is just the way they live.” My heart sank as she told me of the condition of the property.

Floyd gave me another eyewitness report when he got there. It was enough damage to sell the property “as is” to someone who wanted a “fixer-upper to put their stamp on it” and to lower the selling price. We got angry at ourselves for listening to the false reports from renters and not checking it out for ourselves. We did get angry at them too, but decided to let the vengeance come from Yehovah. We could already see where they were dealing with the illnesses of the Egyptians and having a lack financially.

Having eyes to see and ears to hear, operates in all aspects of life! When it comes to the word of Elohim, the word that will determine your eternal destination, do your own research, be diligent in your studies. And as the old folks said, “Don’t buy a pig in a poke!” (Always inspect what you accept/buy.)

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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  • Arthur Bailey says:

    Shalom Cassandra,

    I totally AGREE. Gone are the days of being “spoon-fed” information and beliefs. We have to search for ourselves.


  • Cassandra says:

    “You don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect.” These words ring so true and it’s a trap of the comfortable life. Inspecting what we receive is a constant job and covers many areas of life. One thing I’ve learned from this ministry is the identification of the doctrine ABOUT Jesus masquerading as the Gospel of the Kingdom. I made note of it before, but was unable to fully make sense of the differences I saw from the Hebrew and Christian perspectives. We truly have to be detectives, especially in the spiritual realm. Another great teachings series and review from HOI Charlotte!

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