Shalom Saints,

This is the first message in the highly anticipated teaching series on the Evolution of the American Gospel. Through these teachings,

  • You will be able to identify and distinguish:
    • The Gospel of YeHoVaH/God
    • The Gospel of Yeshua/Jesus
    • The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
  • You will know and understand what is the True Gospel
  • You will be able to distinguish the difference between
    • The Gospel of Yeshua/Jesus (The Gospel Yeshua/Jesus preached) and
    • The gospel about Yeshua/Jesus
  • You will understand how the Gospel Yeshua preached became the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • You will be able to identify the danger and pitfalls of the American gospel
  • You will learn how the Hebrew Gospel message EVOLVED into the American gospel and witness the evolution
  • You will understand what Arthur means by Hebrew Roots Gospel and why returning to our Hebrew Roots Gospel is so important to our Faith. (Having correct knowledge)
  • You will be able to truly appreciate your salvation, the one who brought us salvation and the Gospel message of Salvation.
  • You will be better equipped to understand and proclaim the True Gospel of Yeshua (The Gospel Yeshua Preached)
  • You will understand the Hebrew Roots of the Gospel
  • The Foundation of the Gospel
  • The Message of the Gospel
  • And so much more…

This is a teaching to be watched with your note taking tools. Listen as Arthur gives a dynamic presentation on the names Jesus Christ and Yeshua the Messiah.

In this next video segment, Arthur explores from various angles the differences between the message and the messenger. Arthur also addresses why Yehovah may have to wait longer than we expect to bless us.

This is definitely a message to share with family, friends, and enemies.  There is so much revealed in this teaching.  Some of the highlights are:

  • When the word “sin” was said to the Hebrew people, they thought of violations of the Law; however, Christians think of committing acts of sin.
  • Yehovah does not bless us in our “mess.” He cleans it up when we allow Him.  He has to get rid of our carnal human nature and all the other stuff (hurts, habits, memories) we picked up along the path of life.  We must not let the stuff exalt itself over our willingness to trust Yehovah.
  • Often we give Yehovah just lip service and then we begin to believe our own self-deceptive words.

Arthur concludes the teaching with giving an overview of the Evolution of the American Gospel:

  1. From Hebrew/Aramaic to Greek
  2. From Greek to Latin
  3. From Latin to European/Westernized (Anglo-Saxon/Old English)
  4. From European/Westernized (Anglo-Saxon/Old English) to American English
  5. From American English to the various translations of Bibles shipped around the world

Stayed tuned for Part 2!

Sharon’s Reflections of the Teaching

Before the teaching even started, I had received a word! For me, some words have had to come to me a few times before it becomes a part of my modus operandi, a well-established method or way of doing something. When I made mistakes, especially ones that affected other people, I felt bad. Sometimes the bad feeling dominated my mind to the point that little else could get through. The enemy loves to see me and anyone else in that stagnant position of guilt and low self-esteem. Somehow, I had learned that I should be made to pay for my mistakes.

Where did this come from? I know for sure two sources.

  • My carnal nature wanted my offenders to “pay” for what they did to me. That train of thought kept me from forgiving them. I did not want my forgiveness to let my offender get away with it, or let them off easy.  So, why wouldn’t I turn on myself when I made mistakes?
  • The Christian mentality of “I am a sinner, saved by grace” was detrimental to my psyche. I couldn’t get past the first part of the phrase.  I was a sinner.  Sinners need to be punished.  I saw Yehovah as full of wrath.  I couldn’t figure out what Jesus wanted of me, since I was always a sinner.  Even though Jesus had paid the price for my sins, I never really felt saved.  Needless to say, I was confused and figured the only way I would be cleansed was to “pay” for what I had done. 

I learned that I must immediately confess my error/mistake/sin, repent and make restitution if necessary and go on living a holy life.

Listen to this “shorty” clip as Arthur talks about how he deals with his mistakes.

Buzz on the Teaching
There was so much going on during Fellowship!  There was ministering to the needs of others, Bible searching, and questions being asked and answered.  This is some of the ministering that was going on:

  • One family had several questions about the Feasts and birthday celebrations. We discussed how all the birthday celebrations mentioned in scripture had tragic endings, the Sabbath day is Yehovah’s day and we should not celebrate anyone else on His day, and there was no record of Yeshua and the disciples celebrating birthdays.  I should have added what Arthur taught: each time we celebrate a birthday, we are honoring the flesh man because we were all born children of the devil.  If there is a celebration, let it be the born-again birthday.
  • One Sister Saint was plagued by evil thoughts stemming from people she is in contact with for a season. I and another Sister told her that the thoughts have to be taken captive and thrown down.  We reassured her by saying that the thoughts will come, but just like if a bird lands on your head, you are not guilty, but if you let it stay there and build a nest, you become at fault.
  • Another Sister Saint was sharing her efforts to be a light to her family; she is the only one keeping Yehovah’s Laws. She spoke of the ridicule she receives, but she raised her arm and said “I am a Joseph to my family!”  There was a chorus of HalleluYAHs as we all realized that we too are Josephs.
  • Another Sister Saint and I had a conversation about our deceased parents and how we were grateful that Yehovah allowed us to make amends with them before they passed.
  • Two Sister Saints and I discussed how we saw more movement in our marriages when we stopped praying solely for the Father to convict and change our spouses. When we asked the Father to show us our faults and to show us how to relate to our spouses, we saw breaches being repaired.  We did chuckle while remembering how we would get so mad and then get pitiful and let our spouses see us crying.  When they didn’t have the reaction we wanted, we worked ourselves up further. HalleluYAH for correct knowledge instead of manipulative behavior!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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