Shalom Saints,

Arthur opened the Teaching with a thought-provoking question. Did you know that many great things happened in the Bible as a result of the actions of Saints whose names aren’t written in the Bible?  Arthur went on to say that those ordinary believers were just like you and I! 

At the time, they probably did not see themselves as “movers and shakers” in the Kingdom. That is a wonderful morale boaster to think that just by being obedient to voice of Elohim that we too can have a great impact on the Kingdom.

Here are the topics that Arthur covered in the Teaching.

How the gospel was spread abroad by ordinary believers

  • The gospel travelled by the many Saints who suffered persecution in Jerusalem and fled to Phenice (modern-day Lebanon), Cyprus, Antioch (in Syria), and many other places.
  • All of us who have come into faith came by hearing the word, and we will help others come into faith by sharing the word of faith.  You can minister to someone and through their ministry, they reach people you never would have met.

Six Keys to Soul-Winning

  1. Pray each day and ask YeHoVaH to put someone to minister to in your path.
  2. Ask YeHoVaH to show you whom He is sending your way.
  3. Be sensitive to the voice of YeHoVaH during the course of each day.
  4. Listen to YeHoVaH’s voice while you are speaking with people.
  5. Practice being in the Presence of YeHoVaH all day, every day.
  6. Preach Yeshua, not your belief.

Why Order is important

  • Arthur stressed that where there is no order, there is chaos. This applies in our personal lives because people cannot thrive in chaos and disorder.  Even within the assembly, people become dysfunctional where there is no apostolic order. Look at creation and the Torah!  YeHoVaH is an Elohim of Order.

Where the title Messianic/Messiahians aka Christian came from

  • The titles Messianic and Messiahians were given to believers by people who witnessed what they did.
  • Arthur cautioned us to be discerning about taking on any nicknames given to us by other people.  When we identity with a nickname, the character of that name comes with it.  Remember words are spirit!  We change our destiny by taking on a name that is different from what YeHoVaH has for us.

This teaching had several mini-lessons for life contained in it.  I think we all can relate to this video snippet.

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

I can relate to so many aspects of this video snippet!  I have received correction and it was hard to receive, but was fruitful when I obeyed the correction.  I have seen others get corrected and I have given others correction.  There are many responses to correction.  Some take it and are thankful for being given correct guidance.  Some are embarrassed, but accept the correction.  Some are prideful and turn on the person trying to help them.  Some pout about the correction and think the correction is a direct attack on them.  You can probably add to the list.  However, the bottom line is that you will obey and grow, or you will ignore the correction and are subject to making the same mistake, or worse, again.

Now to a real-life example that is happening in Michigan.  (I’m changing the names of my acquaintances, just in case one of them should happen to go to my Facebook page where I will post this Blog, click, and see their names!)  Edna texted me that her brother, Robert, was in the hospital and having surgery the next day.  My first response was: “Why?”  Edna proceeded to tell me that he was dealing with diverticulitis that had created a hole in his colon, the doctors had identified an abscess on his colon, and there was a major infection in his stomach.  She ended the text with, “He has not taken care of his body at all!”

After the surgery, I texted and asked how Robert was doing.  Edna said that she had just spoke to the surgeon. 

They were not able to perform the surgery.  There was too much infection and scar tissue.  They did some cleaning of his stomach and will go back in again on Sunday and maybe again on Tuesday.  It’s a very complicated process.  He will come home eventually and have to return again in maybe six months to see if they can perform the actual surgery then.

This was so serious that all I could say was “Wow!  Yah bless him!”  Edna said, “Exactly what I said!”

Now fast forward a few days.  Edna was in the hospital room with Robert and their mother.  Edna was saying to Robert that when he goes home for the six months, that he will have to change his lifestyle and take better care of himself.  Robert says, “I haven’t done anything wrong.  I’m living right.” Edna and her mother exchanged glances and were dumbfounded at his denial.  They did not try to say anything else to Robert. 

When Edna told me, I quoted:

Proverbs 26:4  Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. (KJV)

We agreed to pray for Robert. 

Through this ordeal, I hope that Robert will see the correction that is needed and reach out to the Father who is waiting for Robert to turn to Him.

Buzz on the Teaching

This was a special fellowship time.  We got deeply involved in our conversation and moved to a group planning stage.  Starting with six Saints, and growing to ten of us, we had a discussion about the children and youth in the congregation.  We wanted to have some fun family-type alternatives for them to counteract the influences of the world and their peers.  We also wanted to address some the stresses and growing pangs they experience.  We brainstormed about having outings where children would be in an environment where they could make connections with adults for guidance and mentoring.  This we thought would be especially helpful for the male youth that attend HOI.  This led to a discussion on camping.

The camping idea was initiated by one of the Sister Saints saying that her child wanted to go to camp like the children next door to them.  The Sister Saint wasn’t ready to let her child, under 10 years of age, go off alone.  Someone else suggested that we organize a family camp outing for sometime this summer.  There was lots of excitement around the table, but we needed someone to head up the event, someone with experience camping.  Well, we waited until the Sister Saint, who directs the children’s activities, came back from the Children’s Room with the children.  We mentioned the idea to her.  She was elated, “You have come to the master camper!”  She said she has camped all her life and even knew places near us in North Carolina that would be good for neophyte campers.  There was one campground that had cottages, RV sites, and tent areas.  This week we have a few people doing research and hopeful we will be able to start making plans.  We hope that many families and individuals will come to the outing.

After that intense and invigorating conversation, some of us migrated outside to the picnic tables where three other Saints were siting.  That group quickly grew to eight and we needed more seating.  We pulled over the second picnic table and another Sister Saint and I got lawn chairs out of our vehicles for the growing group.   I got thirsty and asked if anyone else wanted a beverage.  Another Sister and I went to the kitchen to get juice and figured, “We might as well bring snacks!”  We loaded up a cart and wheeled it out to the delight of all.  Even Arthur came out to see where the food was going and what was going on!

It got dark and the mosquitoes were coming out before we ended a most delightful Sabbath.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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