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Shalom Saints,

“My Grandma set me up!!”

When I moved back to Detroit, my hometown, in 1989, my paternal Grandma invited me to go to church with her. I went. After service, several people approached me with questions that were kind of personal. I had nothing to hide, so I cheerily answered. Someone even asked how old I was! I thought I was holding up pretty well for my age, so I said, “Forty.”

Well, as soon the crowd dissipated, my Grandma pulled me to the side and said quite curtly, “Don’t you ever tell anybody that you are forty! If they ask you, say 23!!” My eyes popped out and I swallowed down a laugh. Unbeknownst to me, Grandma had been conspiring to get me married to the pastor’s brother. However, I had spoiled her plan.

Grandma and I locked heads several times over the next two years. It started when I refused to move in with her and “be her roommate!” We would constantly fuss about issues and when I would be commanding the argument, she would lash out and accuse me of running up an 80 year-old woman’s blood pressure!

Now, my Dad was very patient with his Mom. I never heard him argue with her or talk bad about her. He loved his Mom and looked after her. She had been a widow since I was 11 or 12. When my Dad started having seizures, the three of us spent time together because was I was his driver to go see Grandma. I learned to temper my attitude and my words with her. Dad showed me how to love Grandma.

A few months before he died, he asked me, “How are you and my Mother getting along?” I said, “We are doing fine. I go to see her often and we talk.” He smiled deeply and said, “That’s good.” He knew that he wasn’t long for this world and he wanted to be sure that I would finish the work of taking care of his Mom. I did.

One of Arthur’s premises in this teaching is that Yeshua has given us a work to finish. A part of that work is to love others, and that is what we must do!

Summary of the Teaching

What was Yeshua talking about when He said, “It is finished,” then bowed His head and gave up the ghost? Something was finished. The question is: “What?” Logic, from a scriptural standpoint, causes us to ponder, if “it is finished,” why did He come back after He died and was buried. He resurrected, ascended, presented Firstfruits, and spent forty days with his disciples.

Arthur explains what “it” is in this eye-opening 3 part series. The teaching is structured around the five phases of Yeshua’s Ministry.

  • Yeshua’s ministry on Earth
  • Yeshua’s ministry at His Death
  • Yeshua’s ministry after His Resurrection
  • Yeshua’s ministry in Heaven
  • Yeshua’s ministry when He Returns

Arthur interjects morsels of truth and wisdom throughout the teaching.

  • Yeshua’s ministry is continuing through those whom Yehovah gave Yeshua.   We are supposed to walk in power and be led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will not direct us contrary to His word.

  • Yeshua has practically guaranteed our success in the work He has called us to do, IF we follow Him. We win because we have direct access to our Messiah!
  • IF you follow Yeshua, you will be hated. Get over it! The world will hate you. Love them back. While Yeshua is in Heaven, we are to take the gospel to the whole world.
  • When we believe that Jesus finished it all, we’ll sit on our laurels and wait for the “rapture” that is not coming. Yeshua is waiting on you! He’s waiting on you to get about His business so that He can meet your needs.
  • Everything you do in word and deed, do unto Yehovah’s glory. Don’t fear man!

  • The Holy Spirit works through people. The devil works through people. Sometimes the Holy Spirit and the devil are working through the same person. We need to discern the Spirit.
  • The bottom line is, whatever you have been called to do, do it. Do it! You don’t need anybody’s permission to fulfill the call of the Almighty.
  • Understand, the Almighty has called us to be holy. He has called us to be holy because He is holy. He wants us to dwell with Him and He wants to dwell within us. He can’t dwell in the midst of unholiness. He can’t dwell in the midst of us if we are living a life that is contrary to the way He has called us to live.

What work have you been called to do in the Kingdom?


Buzz on the Teaching

This teaching brought to my mind many real-life examples of the principles that Arthur taught. One of which was my friend and co-worker; let’s call her Karla. Karla lived in Michigan and had been married for many years. The youngest of her three girls was 10. Karla developed a growth in her abdomen that the doctors diagnosed as a benign tumor. The problem was that the tumor was growing.

She and her husband liked to go on golfing jaunts across country. So, despite this uncomfortable tumor, they went to New Jersey for a golf tournament. During the stay, Karla began to bleed and they called for an ambulance. When she arrived at the Emergency Room, the doctor informed Karla that she was GIVING BIRTH!

Well, she and her husband were in shock over the unknown pregnancy, angry at the incompetent doctors that said it was a tumor, and embarrassed that they had not known she was pregnant.

They quickly hatched a plan to give the baby boy to her brother in Texas who wanted children, but he and his wife had not been able to have a child. When Karla and her husband arrived in Texas with the newborn, there was so much discord in her brother’s home that she could not bear to leave the child there.

So then she calls home and tries to explain to her three girls that they have a brother, but only until she can find someone to adopt him. The girls beg and cry for Karla to keep their brother and they promise to raise him. So, baby Joseph goes home and is raised by 4 loving moms!

Now fast-forward 18 years. Joseph had been provided for and loved according to the world’s standards. Some of the sayings that I know some worldly people live by are:

  • It’s a dog eat dog world.
  • Get them before they get you!
  • Do unto others as they do unto you.
  • Make ‘em pay!
  • Do what you want … just don’t get caught!

This mentality had detrimental effects on Joseph. One day, he got into a heated argument with a guy, went home and got a gun, went back to where the guy was, then shot and killed him. It was a horrible shock to Joseph’s family. They could not understand it. At the time, I couldn’t either.

Joseph went to prison and wasn’t released until he was 33. The last time I spoke to Karla, a few years back, Joseph was getting his life in order.

What Joseph missed in his maturing was what Arthur shouts at us, “… the bottom line is don’t walk by sight. Don’t let people in your spirit. Guard your heart. Don’t follow the world!”

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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