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Let’s time-travel back to when I was on campus, at Indiana University, crying.  I just got back my first test in Organic Chemistry, a “D”!  I am devastated!  The failure is engulfing me, and my future as a Physiologist is crumbling.  I needed to be a scientist or doctor or lawyer.  I had to be in a prestigious career to show that I had risen above all the other people that looked down at my humble beginnings.   Through the mental haze, I recalled my mother saying, “Where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY!”   At that time, that phrase translated into GET TUTORING!

I did pass the course, but more importantly, I learned that I needed to pursue my passion and not something that I thought would impress other people.

Arthur eloquently presents in this teaching that prosperity looks different for each person.

Arthur Bailey teaching True Biblical Prosperity a teaching about Yehovah and prosperity in the Bible

Summary of the Teaching

This four part teaching is a road map to how to obtain YOUR prosperity the True Biblical way.  Our past experiences, and how we were raised does not determine our outcomes.  Our choices will determine our prosperity.

Following the Biblical guidelines will put us in line for the blessings of Yehovah.  There are tests of faith along the way, but be assured that when we are faithful in the little, Yehovah can then trust us to be faithful over much.  Where I come from, we say, “You gotta pay your dues!”  We are on the economic system of Yehovah, not the US or world economic systems.

Prosperity doesn’t mean the same or look the same to everybody.  Arthur expounds on Yehovah’s prosperity principles and leaves the choice up to each of us to reach for the blessings or the curses.  Arthur really drills down on understanding that what you believe about prosperity determines what you get from Yehovah.  Prosperity and Poverty are mindsets!

Get this video to learn the biblical definition of prosperity, what prosperity is in terms of material goods, and where to store up your treasure.  Let’s breakout of our limited mindset and worldview and see ourselves as Yehovah sees us.

Proverbs 10:22 King James Version:

22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich,

and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Buzz on the Teaching

Through this teaching, my husband and I have learned not to disqualify ourselves from the blessings that Yehovah has in store for us.  When we began to look to purchase a home in South Carolina, we did not initially look for what we needed, we looked for what we thought we could afford.  We didn’t look at move-in-ready homes that had enough bedrooms and baths because we had put a ceiling on our financial situation.  After looking at numerous fixer-uppers and ought to be “teardowners,” we finally came to the realization that Yehovah is not limited by what we can see or what we have in our possession.  He made a way to give us what we needed.  HalleluYAH!!

Until next time … Blessings on You and Yours,


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