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There are so many teachers!  Many of them sound convincing.  Some have large followings.  Some are highly recommended by friends.  Some of them speak of things that are new to me that sound truthful.  Sometimes I feel like I’m in a whirlwind! 

Arthur, how do I know when someone is teaching the truth?

Arthur’s Condensed Message 

The only way to recognize the truth is to compare what you hear against the written Word.   Without the standard of the Bible, we will find ourselves following men who teach the Bible, but not following the Creator who gave us the Bible.  Follow the Almighty!

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Stand firm on the truth once delivered to the Saints!
Contending for the Faith

The Bible tells us through the writings of Paul that, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers have the responsibility to equip the Saints.

The true shepherds call the wolf OUT!

We all should search the Scriptures, lest we fall into the hands of individuals who are deceptive and deceiving.

When we are dealing with man, it is important that we compare everything that we receive by measuring what we are hearing with that which is written.

Here is where Believers in Messiah don’t believe Messiah because they think there are people out there that can go to Father without going through Messiah!

The people of YeHoVaH have discernment and can draw their own conclusions from what is presented.

Purge out whatever Teaching that has been put in you that causes you to resist or reject what’s written.

We bind every work of the devil! And, we decree that no weapons shall prosper against us!

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