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Arthur really believes that if you want to see a positive change in people, you have to teach people the truth.  The truth that makes people free and delivers them is the word Yeshua once delivered to the Saints.  This is a perfect fit with the Vision of Arthur Bailey Ministries International to teach and equip the saints in the practical applications of the Torah as well as how to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The Scriptures are clear that we all have a call on our lives and Arthur is striving to help us identify, prepare for, and carry out our callings. 

Being taught is only a part of the process of becoming who the Father wants us to be in the Kingdom.  We also need listening ears and the will to obey.  In his prayer, Arthur confessed to the Father, “We can’t hear unless you give us ears to hear!”  Later, Arthur described a sure-fire way to determine if someone has really “heard” what was said: Look at what they “do”.

As a transition into the Teaching, Arthur outlined what we would learn in the message.  Below, the Outlined Topics are presented in bold lettering.  Beneath each Topic, are listed some of the points that Arthur covered that have applicability to us, the 21st Century Saints.

The Conflict that Existed Between Jews and Gentiles

  • The conflict revolved around differences in cultures, circumcision practices, and whether a person was born into the covenant or was a convert.

The Biblical Understanding of the Covenant Of Circumcision

  • Circumcision is a token of the covenant; it is not the covenant.
  • Just because a person is circumcised doesn’t mean they are in covenant.
  • Circumcision did not make Abraham a believer.  Abraham was a believer before he was circumcised. 
  • If the child is not circumcised, the parent has broken the covenant.  When the child becomes of age, he can re-enter the covenant for himself and be reconciled back to YeHoVaH through faith in Messiah.

The Interpretation Of Peter’s Vision

  • YeHoVaH was also saving non-Jews.
  • Acts 10:28 And he said unto them, Ye know how that it is an unlawful thing for a man that is a Jew to keep company, or come unto one of another nation; but God hath shewed me that I should not call any man common or unclean.  (KJV)
  • There are many well-defined scriptural references for Peter’s dream, but many disagree with the Scriptures.

Why God Told Cornelius to Send for Peter

  • YeHoVaH works through mankind and Faith comes by hearing the word of God.  Cornelius had to wait on Peter to learn how to be saved.
  • Not everyone is assigned to help you.
  • There are people you are assigned to help.

Why God Decided to Save Cornelius

  • Acts 10:2 A devout man, and one that feared God with all his house, which gave much alms to the people, and prayed to God alway.  (KJV)

Why the Saved Jews Were Only Interested in Getting Other Jews Saved

  • Jews today who are not familiar with what YeHoVaH has done, continue with the ideology that Gentiles are unclean, defiled, and lesser than they are.  Many Jews have not read Peter’s testimony and are therefore unaware of what YeHoVaH has done, and continue to only reach out to other Jews.

Why the Jews Believed They Were Superior and Chosen People and the Non-Jews Were Inferior

  • Those Jews who had not heard Peter’s testimony had no idea what YeHoVaH had done and they continued with their understanding that the Gentiles were unclean.

And More...

  • The Jews had a hard time seeing the workings of the spirit because of their adherence to Jewish traditions.
  • Even today, New Testament believers will say that miracles and healings “were done away with”.  This happens when men exalt what is taught above what the Scripture says.
  • We read and filter the Bible through our belief systems that we were taught.
  • Often times the explanation for a difficult or unclear passage is gotten just by reading a little further in the Bible.
  • No matter what traumas or trials happen in your life … Run Closer to Him.

This is only a brief extract of the points and truths covered in this Teaching!  This was a dynamic message.  Listen to this snippet!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

Over the years I have come to appreciate that whatever happened or happens to me was brought by the Father or allowed by the Father.  Arthur expressed the rationale behind this reality through an “if … then” statement which is a factual conditional sentence essentially stating that if the first fact holds, then so does the second.

If the Father is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (knows all), and omnipresence (being present everywhere at the same time), then He brings or allows all things in our lives. 

I also agree with Arthur that the Father will take whatever happens to us and will work it out to our good when we love Him and keep His commandments.  I have been in so many situations where my past calamities and my testimony of overcoming them have given solace to persons facing similar situations.  The reverse has happened too.  I was encouraged by hearing that someone had overcome a trial that I was trying to understand and put in proper perspective.  Sometimes just seeing a person smiling and getting on with their life was enough to show me that I could do it too.

I have had many traumas that made significant changes in my life and brought thoughts of how and will I get over this and arrive at “a new normalcy” in my life.   Sometimes, I only saw a wall of grief, or guilt, or heartache.  Just trying to imagine there was a way through it was hard. At that moment, the notion that there was normalcy on the other side was impossible.   However, I made it through with the testimonies of caring people and, as Arthur said,

If anyone can heal us from anything that we are going through, it is Him. …  The only way you have a testimony is that He gave it to you; and He gives it to you by what He brings you through.

Buzz on the Teaching

I sat with a family who started attending our Live Services after we moved to the new facility.  This Sabbath, they brought another family member that was familiar with the ministry, but never had the chance to attend in-person because she cares for an elderly family member at home.  This Sister was a delight to talk with because we were of the same generation, she was easy to talk to, and she freely shared some of the struggles one has in this life if you live long enough.  I hope she has an opportunity to return to our services.  

Then I table hopped to join a group of three Brother Saints who were in the midst of a conversation about what the Scriptures say about a well-trimmed beard.  One Brother volunteered to find scriptural references, if any.  We then dived into a lively discussion on the error of the lunar moon cycle that one of the Brothers had tried to follow at one time.  He described that the day of the Sabbath fluctuated based on the sighting of the renewed moon.  Therefore, the Sabbath could be on any day of the week and there could be back-to-back Sabbaths in a month!  We busted that theory just by noting that the renewed moon is not called a Sabbath by YeHoVaH.  We then waded into the Book of Isaiah and began a discussion of prophecy fulfillment.  In Isaiah 11, the prophet was foretelling the coming of Messiah and specifying end-time prophecies.  

I enjoy fellowshipping with the Saints and the lively conversations I can have with those who love and live by the word!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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