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The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong during worship that David, at Arthur’s prompting, sang another “Halleluyah” chorus of Psalm 42. I sensed the depth of the Holy Spirit and was glad that we paused in honor of what was happening at that moment. It wasn’t time to move on to the next order of the service. The term “Selah” comes to mind. The precise meaning is unknown, but several authors indicate that it may mean "stop and listen" or "pause, and think of that." The “Selah” moment was recognized and heeded.

After prayer, Arthur switched the tempo on us. “OK. We are going to be moving 95-100 miles an hour. Quicken your spirit!” Arthur was ready and enjoying preaching. We started with a review of Part 1 which included an overview of some of the Covenants in the Old Testament.

To learn more of the Covenants, see The Discipleship Training Program (specifically Workbooks 3 and 4):

Then Arthur explained in Romans 5:14 that death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression… Listen to find out what happened to death after Moses.

Righteousness comes through obedience to the Law. Israel had the Law, but did not obey.

It was “grace” that kept Yehovah from destroying Israel when they violated the Torah. It was Yehovah’s love for Israel that caused Him to send the prophets to chasten Israel in the hope that Israel would come to a state of repentance and keep His Law. Sadly, as Arthur described the situation, Israel’s rebellion escalated to the point that Yehovah gave her a Certificate of Divorce, which made the first Covenant, the Old Covenant, null and void.

Halleluyah! The New Covenant is a remarriage, a renewed covenant with the same people that were under the Old Covenant: the House of Israel and the people who join themselves to the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Arthur repeatedly said that Yeshua was not the New Covenant, but was the mediator of the New Covenant and a priest in the order of Melchezidec. Listen as Arthur explains the two priesthoods in the Bible and the betterment of the New Covenant.

Here is the RECAP of The New Covenant – A Better Covenant

  • Just as the New Covenant and the New Testament are not the same; the old Covenant and the Old Testament are not the same.
  • A collection of writings is not a Covenant.
  • Both the Old and New Testaments are collections of writings/books.
  • Neither the Old nor the New Covenants are collections of writings/books.
  • The Old Covenant was with Israel and those who joined themselves to the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel.
  • The New Covenant is with Israel and those who join themselves to the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel.
  • What made the New Covenant better than the Old Covenant?
    • The change from the Levitical Priesthood to the Melchezidec Priesthood.
    • The unchangeable Melchezidec Priesthood.
    • Yeshua’s Priesthood is forever.
    • Yeshua’s blood sealed the New Covenant.
    • The Sacrifice of Yeshua, the chosen lamb of Yehovah, once and for ALL.
    • The Atonement is forever.
    • The Covenant is everlasting.
    • The Covenant promises us eternal life.
  • What are the better promises?
    • Yehovah will write His Law on our hearts and minds; not on Stone Tablets.
    • He will be our Father and we WILL be His people.
    • No longer shall a man teach his neighbor to know the Lord, for ALL shall know Him.
    • Yehovah will be merciful, sins will be forgiven, and iniquity will be remembered no more!

HalleluYAH that we live in such a Covenant as this!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

“Hey!  Floyd.  I’ve been thinking about that song, There Is Power in the Blood.” 

There is pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r
In the blood of the Lamb;
There is pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r
In the precious blood of the Lamb.

I don’t see where scripture supports that claim. Yeshua said the Holy Spirit would give us power. I can see where some would say that the power is in the cleansing of us, but as Arthur said, “It was Yeshua’s death,” not the blood, that paid the price for our salvation. The blood was the evidence of His death.

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Hmmm. What other holdovers from my Christian days have I not uprooted and cast off? I am a bit embarrassed to say that I “pleaded the blood of Yeshua” for protection not too long ago. Now I see that I should have spoken and declared my dominion and authority in that area instead of pleading the blood. When we obey Yehovah’s Law, He will provide and protect us.

I chuckle a bit remembering the suggestion of a Christian friend to have a 7 night march around my property in Alabama to ward off violence in our area. We announced the walk to neighbors and our Seventh-day Adventist brethren. We did a Joshua like walk around the property for six nights in silence. Each night we had 2 to 6 walkers. On the 7th day, we yelled praises to God.

Now, I can imagine Yehovah looking down at us and saying to a few of the guardian angels, “My, my, my… What is my child doing now? She has rounded up a crew and just look at them. She has faith. She will learn how to use her powers once her eyes are opened to the Law and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. In the meanwhile, y’all watch over her.

I thank Yehovah for His mercy, we had no violence in our area.

Buzz on the Teaching

Conflict resolution was one of the themes that I heard about today. It is interesting how, when we are in the throes of disputes, it is not pleasant. However, when time has passed, we can laugh about it and clearly see the wisdom. Two Brother Saints, a Sister Saint and I had a lively conversation about the battling of wits between parents and children. We offered up examples from our youthful days as well as exploits of the youth we have dealt with. I am always delighted to know that someone else has crossed those paths too. There is a bonding when we share the anguish as well as the silly laughs that say, “I should have known better!”

Floyd and a Sister Saint had a conversation about how she had to work through a purchasing disagreement with a worldly person. The terms of the agreement were not kept by the worldly person and they became upset with the Sister Saint when she called them out. Sister Saint stood her ground and had to conscientiously not come under the spirit of discord.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to see my words come into agreement with the thoughts in the mind of a Sister Saint. We were talking about her training and future plans. I mentioned that I saw an entrepreneurial venture for her. Her face lit up and she brightly smiled, “Me too!” May Yehovah guide and prosper her.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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