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When I saw Arthur walk in the door, I immediately noticed that he was different than I had ever seen him on a Sabbath since 2010. I walked up to him smiling and said, “No tie? No bow-tie? You must really have something for us today. He got a wide smile and spoke a few words in an unknown language and we both laughed! What I know now, is that was the beginning of a download from the Holy Spirit.

Service was just shy of 5 hours!! Arthur’s changing vocal intonations and non-verbal communications made for a lively and interesting teaching. Oh! And let’s not forget his singing!

I can only imagine what the moving of the Holy Spirit must have been during the Revival! What I do know is that the Holy Spirit showed up in the midst of people yearning for the truth, they received a mighty message, and miraculous healings took place. Listen to our Sisters and Brothers rejoice! Click the link and go to the video “Closing Celebration.” (

Summary of the Teaching

This was Part 2 of Arthur and David’s 10 Day Nigerian Mission Trip Update, but this was actually a continuing chapter in the Book of Acts! Luke wrote the Acts of the Apostles to Theophilos on papyrus. Luke’s writings were preserved and decades later, they were spread globally. Arthur’s Acts have been recorded digitally and have already spanned the globe through the Internet! We live in an amazing era of the fast flow of information.

Yeshua’s command to believers is to teach what He taught. Listen as Arthur reveals the specific work of the Apostles in Acts that we are to carry forth and why Yeshua said we are greater than John the Immerser (the Baptist).

This teaching was a beautiful blending of Messages and Update.  Arthur always comes to the House of Israel with a prepared Teaching and Power Points, but more than that preparation, he is prepared for the interruption of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is our teacher!   

Arthur covered the following points:

  • Does sowing and reaping, giving and receiving, involve more than finances?
  • How do you know what you have sown?
  • Why should we rejoice in the midst of tests?
  • Why are our testimonies valuable?
  • What does celebrating birthdays really mean?
  • Even though you confess Yeshua as your Messiah, how do you really know that you are not actually serving mammon?

Listen as Arthur discusses mammon and why people do not obey Yehovah:

Interspersed in the Holy Spirit messages, Arthurs described Nigeria and the experiences of the Mission Trip. Nigeria is the largest populated country in Africa with more than 175 million people; 21+ million in the State of Lagos and 4+ million in the city of Lagos. The main language is English, but there are 3 main tribes with their own language dialects. The Ibo Tribe state that they are direct descendants of the Tribe of Ephraim. Because of the slave trade in Nigeria, the Ibo believe that 25% of African Americans are descendants of the Ibo Tribe. The Ibo have 20 High Priests and still perform sacrifices for the Feasts.

Listen as Arthur describes evangelizing and how he feels when seeing someone’s eyes open, seeing them come into the faith, and then walk it out!

Here are a few of the signs and wonders that followed Arthur and David in Nigeria:

  • One of the Ibo traveling teachers received revelations of truth at the Revival Meetings and was going back to share the good news of being freed from the system of Judaism.
  • Arthur gifted 40 people with Tzitzits; they wore them. Based on experiences from other Missions, this was very unusual. 
  • Many were healed from chronic illnesses. Click this link and go to the video “Okenadu healed of hemorrhoids”: 
  • One of the Pastors that coordinated the Revival had his first Sabbath service a few days after Arthur left Nigeria.
  • One of the more poignant statements from a Nigerian brother came after Arthur had shared his testimony of turning from sin to righteousness. The Brother said he was inspired to know that Father can take someone like himself and turn him into a person like Arthur.  One purpose of sharing our testimonies is that we give others hope that Yehovah will do a good work in them!

Buzz on the Teaching
There were many simultaneous conversations happening all over the fellowship area.  A common theme I heard was dealing with and rebuking fear.  One brother and I talked of how we had good health during the world’s cold and flu season.  We related how we had the power to rebuke sickness and had done so. 

Two brothers had a meeting of the minds about not letting fear stop you from achieving success.  They touched on fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of disappointing others, and fear of your employer.  They resolved that our lives would be far easier if we conquered and got rid of our fears.

Two Sisters, a Brother and I strengthened one of the Sister’s confidence about going to court in a small town to contest an exorbitant amount on an out-of-state traffic ticket.

I was encouraged in my faith walk by being a part of the faith building process that was going on at HOI on Shabbat!

Just this morning, I discovered these lines my Mother had written in the front of her Bible.

“Knowledge tells you how to load a gun.

Wisdom tells you when to pull the trigger.”

I would add that the understanding of any wisdom comes when you walk it out and when you build experience in that area! 

The goal of our individual ministries is to prepare the way for the return of the Messiah by sharing our faith and making disciples. 

Have you grabbed the baton and are you running your race?

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,

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