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Shalom Saints,

When Arthur said, “That’s all she wrote!” He was referring to being sleepy and not being able to stay up pass 8:30 PM on his first night home from Nigeria. The phrase means, “An articulation of a sudden and unforeseen end to one's hopes or plans.” (Google: The Phrase Finder)

When Arthur said that phrase, it evoked lots of memories. My maternal grandmother (1894-1979) used that phrase a lot! I rarely hear it spoken now. Thinking of Grandma led me to thinking about how all the extended family would gather when relatives would come north to visit from “down south”. We would have food and all pile into the front room to listen to the stories, whereabouts, births, deaths, marriages, and misadventures of relatives and friends “down south.” This was an important event, because in the 1950’s not everyone had phones and if you did, you were reluctant to pay the long distance charges.

This was my frame of mind when I came to the teaching tonight. I wanted to hear all about my relatives in Nigeria. (Remember, we all came from Adam!) I wanted to hear the stories, revelations, miracles and about the camaraderie! Arthur shared a lot and gave us promises of more to come on Shabbat!

Summary of the Teaching

There was great anticipation for Arthur’s return from Nigeria. The oversea’s communications from Arthur and David were sparse because of the challenges with the electrical and internet grids in Nigeria. Even though they were both making the bodily adjustments from their high-powered mission’s work and the 18 hour flight, they shared with us the good news, reports, and testimonies from the foreign land that we might be encouraged and edified. HalleluYAH!

Arthur said that he went to Nigeria to freely share the true gospel and to receive what the Father had in store for him. Nigeria was the most rewarding mission’s trip because the receptivity of the people was immediate! Several Saints came long distances, Saints wore the Tzitzits that Arthur gifted them, a kipa was removed, and their minds were opened to the truth. Arthur often heard these phrases: “I had never heard this before!” “My mind was blown!” AND they are planning for a Revival 2! Praise Yehovah!!

Even the coordinating pastor, that had a Doctorate in Ministry, said that one book of Arthur’s Discipleship Training Program was more than he had received in his total degree program!

Listen as Arthur talks about the reactions to the Discipleship Training Program:

Ladies and gentlemen (one of Arthur’s favorite salutations), we have been blessed with so much through Arthur Bailey Ministries International. Please take advantage of the resources and opportunities to support the ministry that are literally at our fingertips through the internet. There is no excuse for any of us being ignorant of any of the essentials to living a righteous and prosperous life in Yehovah.

Arthur also said that while he was in the midst of teaching and disciplining in Nigeria, it became very clear to him that we are to model Yeshua’s disciplining plan. We are to disciple the saints so that they, in turn, can disciple others. This is done through showing the Saints how to share their faith and then giving them opportunities to do the same.

Listen as Arthur describes the background of one Saint, Cletus, and hear his metamorphosis from the kipa and other symbols of Judaism.

Arthur described in detail these aspects of the Mission:

  • Even though Nigeria is a foreign country, with its own culture and dialects, the moment you step into a church in Nigeria, you are in America. The pastors and the services are modeled after highly popularized American denominations.
  • The miracle of no rain and Arthur’s witness via a Skype message.
  • How Arthur and David exercised their faith and avoided taking the mandated Malaria vaccination. (Vaccines contain unclean items, Leviticus 11.   How can we expect Yehovah’s blessings while disobeying His commands?)  
  • The prayer of the Saints for ridding the country of corruption on all levels.
  • Arthur was astounded at all the miraculous healings! You can watch the videos of the testimonies here. 

This is the teaching to watch to help develop a deeper compassion for Saints in foreign lands.  The more we know about each other, we realize that we all have the same basic needs for life.  We suffer unduly when we don’t know the instructions for life.  Listen to this teaching as Arthur talks about the Nigerian Saints’ need for a Biblical education so they can know the Torah and how to walk in it with faith in our Messiah.

Buzz on the Teaching
Driving home from the teaching, Floyd and I reflected on the state of corruption that exists in Nigeria.  Arthur talked about how one of the pastors had been a kidnapping victim, another was robbed on the way to the Revival meetings in Lagos, and how there were security gates throughout the city.

The closest we could come to relating to those situations was living in Metro-Detroit in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  At that time, we lived in a neighborhood that had transitioned over the prior 50 years from being all White/Jewish home owners to middle/upper class Black homeowners to primarily rental properties.  Most homes had security gates on the doors and many had bars on the windows.  We heard gun shots often. 

We lived there for the first 6 years of our marriage.  My parents owned the 4 family flat and also lived there.  The part I hated was the mental oppression that I constantly felt.  I had lived in open and safe areas before in my life, so I was keenly aware of the differences.   I was constantly reminding my Mom to make sure the key to all the locks was near her and that she slept with the key in the lock at night.  We had heard of people dying when they couldn’t get the bars or gates open during a fire.

When we moved, we went to a 5 acre farm in the middle of rural Michigan.  The freedom in our minds and spirits was exhilarating!  Even family and friends visiting from Detroit could tell the difference. 

We are praying with the people of Nigeria for freedom from the corruption that has a dominating presence in their lives.  Yehovah, please hear our cries!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,

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