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Arthur is good at referring back to original intents in order to get to the bottom of a matter and expose the root causes of an issue. This Teaching hinges on the original intent of YeHoVaH when He gave the Commandments at Mount Sinai. He gave them to the Israelites and the mixed multitude. Arthur explained that Israel’s mission was to be an example to the nations of the world in order for the nations to desire an Elohim like Israel’s and become Torah observant believers of faith. However, Israel forgot their purpose and began to elevate themselves to the point that by the time of Paul and Barnabas, there was a two-tiered caste system solidly in place. This mentality brought about a second-class status for the Gentile converts. These Gentile proselytes, who were brought into Judaism, were given a different law than the Torah. They were given Noahide Laws.

YeHoVaH clearly stated in Torah that there was to be ONE Law for the native born and the foreigners joined to Israel. This was the mentality of Paul and Barnabas. We are all Sisters and Brothers in Messiah. They welcomed the crowds who wanted to hear the good news of our Messiah. Arthur described how the Pharisees and members of the synagogue were envious that Paul and Barnabas were drawing a larger crowd. Arthur went on to say that the Jews were outraged that non-Jewish commoners were being brought into their midst. The envy manifested itself when the Jews became angry, they talked against Paul and Barnabas, and told lies that enticed the crowds to expel the Apostles from the region.

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Arthur was able to draw so much out of this Teaching, that there will be a Part 2 to cover it all. Arthur gave details of rivalries he has experienced within ministries and what the manifestation of envy looks likes when one ministry is envious of another. The bottom line is that envy is the emotion of coveting what someone else has, while jealousy is the emotion related to fearing that something you have will be taken away by someone else (Google). Arthur gave a vivid example of when these two negative emotions combined and a fierce persecution was launched against his ministry.

Arthur mentioned that we should be rejoicing when we see the fruitful labor of others. We should not be competitive. He said the harvest is plentiful and there is more than enough work for all those called by the Most High to work in His Vineyard wherever He places them.

We have to remember that when we take on the name of Yeshua, we now represent Him; we no longer represent ourselves.

We don’t own people! Arthur forcefully exclaimed that, “Yeshua didn’t come to set captive free so preachers can take them hostage”. Ministers and pastors are not mediators between man and Elohim. The only mediator is Yeshua Messiah and He is trying to reconcile us to the Father. The bottom line is … we had better do what Father is telling us to do because ultimately He is the One to whom we will have to give an account.

Just as Israel was to be a light to the Gentiles, we are to be a light of righteous to the nations of the world. Arthur warned us that the moment we get outside of the pages of the Bible, we become open to the traditions of men. In addition, there are religions and systems, also known as winds of doctrine, which are designed to cause us to be shipwrecked and at the very core of its operation is Satan himself. As Arthur said, it is only through the transformation of the inner man that we can please the Father and avoid the traps of the enemy.


Your Fruit is Talking!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

When Arthur touched on relationships being purely based on attending the same denominational church, I totally agreed! I really believed that the people in my church in Michigan were my friends for life. I was a Sunday school teacher for the adults and a Vacation Bible School teacher. Many in the congregation included me in their family outings, baby showers, weddings, graduations, and funerals. I was called to pray for the sick and all manner of direr situations. They helped me when I had surgery by fixing meals and watching my children. One family was “god” parents to my children. I went to most of the Women’s Retreats in West Virginia during that 10 year period. I also attended the one-day treat in Jackson, Michigan most years too.

When I started keeping the Sabbath, it was like I had the plague. No more invitations. No more frequent phone calls. One Sister who was my “bestest” friend told me that she didn’t understand why I would listen to another doctrine when I had been a Sunday school teacher for all those years. Our relationship slowly waned and now we haven’t spoken in years.

I did send friend requests on Facebook to many of the church members so they would get some “truth” in their news feeds. I was glad that many accepted my requests.

Buzz on the Teaching

I greeted nearly all the Saints individually today as I was sharing information to get volunteers to help with two projects. I finally settled down and joined a conversation with three Sister Saints. Between us, we were in our 20’s, 40’s (2 of them), and 60’s. We were all surprised that we had shared some of the same or similar experiences about our self-images. We shared that we used to feel we were too fat or too thin; too dark or not light enough; our hair was too kinky or curly or we wanted it straight. We laughed when we recognized that some of our dislikes were the traits that others wanted. We talked about how the media sells us an image of beauty that we buy into and if we don’t match that standard, we have a dislike of ourselves. We reasoned with each other, that YeHoVaH created each one of us the way he wanted us and we need to love the marvelous creations that we are.

We had fun discussing the ways we tried to compensate for our short-comings:

  • Eating fattening foods to gain weight for a curvy figure, but only getting a pudgy belly.
  • Tucking in lips so they wouldn’t seem so big.
  • Squeezing into girdles, so we wouldn’t jiggle.
  • Wearing corsets (Self-torture!) that had 3-4 sets of built in metal stays, hook and eye closure up the front with a zipper closure on top of that.
  • Using Hot combs and chemicals to get our hair straightened.

We all agreed that we need to speak encouraging words of beauty to those that we know that struggle with a poor self-image, especially children. We all had a good laugh when I told them how my grandmother told me, “Sharon, when people have a mountain forehead like yours, it means that you are smart!” One of the Sisters said, between riotous laughter, “Did you believe her?” I believed her and never once doubted that my mountain forehead was anything other than “my smarts”! The love from my grandmother, in what she said, covered any ill feelings I could have had about my big forehead.

Let’s pass on words of beauty and love to those around us.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,

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