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My Mom was a former Jehovah’s Witness and she knew the drill on how to corner people and get in her required time of evangelism during the week. I remember a time when she and my Dad came to visit me in Pittsburgh in the seventies. One day, Mom came and sat next to me on the sofa. I believed that she missed me and wanted some Mother-Daughter time. She “schmoozed” me and before I knew what was happening, she was in a full-fledged Bible lesson. THEN she had the nerve to look at her watch and say, “Good. I got 45 minutes in for today.”

When my Mom moved in the Camphouse on our farm in Alabama, she was initially very much on guard against being persuaded from her current Church of Christ denomination. There were times that it seemed like I was taking my life in my hands when trying to approach my Mom about the truth and the Torah. I had to learn when and how to approach her.

Mom’s life was actually centered around the television. She had her daytime and night time favorite programs. She especially wanted no interruptions during “her stories” -- the soap operas. She even asked me to keep my children home during those hours, since I did not want them to see those shows.

Well, one day, during soap opera time, I was walking in the yard and decided to pop over to see how she was doing. As I crossed the little bridge that separated our yards, I said to myself that I would only stay for a few minutes because I didn’t want to watch those programs and I know that she was not going to turn it off.

As I entered the kitchen and made my way through the dining room, I could see that she was in her green leather chair that engulfed her and she had her feet resting on the matching hassock. As I came near the threshold of the living room, she belted out, “Don’t come in here with none of that Moses stuff!!”

I’m smiling as I write this. This scenario was just what Arthur was speaking about. Some people think that you are coming to torment them, but you just want to give a message of freedom and deliverance.

However, I did learn that going to visit at soap opera time was not being as wise as a serpent, no matter how gentle as a dove I could be.

Summary of the Teaching

We allowed the Holy Spirt to have its way and our plans for the service changed. During Arthur’s prayer, he sensed a “shifting.” Arthur went on to tell us that the Holy Spirit was speaking to him about the “seriousness” of our Kingdom work. Then David sung a prophetic utterance that he was given at that moment!

This was followed by several testimonies. Arthur then reminded us that when words go forth, we need to discern what Yehovah is saying to us through the mosaic of these testimonies. Listen to this video segment and be filled with the understanding that was shared. Arthur gives us great encouragement to continue enduring through the roadblocks that want to stop us! WE CAN NOT STOP!!

Arthur continued in his verse by verse study of Romans 15.   By using some of the other writings of Paul and writings about Paul in the Book of Acts, as supplementary resources, Arthur conveyed these basic understandings to us.

  • We are encouraged to always seek the Father’s directions. However, we only know in part. So, do not get upset when Yehovah interrupts your plans because maybe He didn’t give you that particular part of the plan. 
  • The world is capable of taking care of its own. Paul was raising money to help the poor saints, not the poor people.
  • Persecution isn’t always a bad thing. It will come when you accept your call and it will come when you don’t accept your call.  You only have the Holy Spirit’s strength to endure it when you accept your call.  Persecution will get you moving and it will help you to get refocused on your mission.
  • Do not live your life based on a prophecy. Prophets prophesy only in part.  No one person has the whole picture for your life.
  • Pray without ceasing means to stay constantly in tune with the Holy Spirit. Be ready to accept counsel when you are not looking for counsel.  Please understand that unless we allow the Father to do the leading, it is us doing the leading.
  • Our lifestyle is one of righteousness, so we should not acknowledge people that are living sinful lives as if they are not. If we do, we have made sin acceptable.  People who live in sin are not supposed to be comfortable around Holy people.  However, we should speak the truth to them in love.  We are called to be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove. 

Buzz on the Teaching

I was blessed to have a conversation with two Sister Saints about our ideas for our own businesses. I asked one of the Sisters if she wanted to be an entrepreneur; she said no. I was puzzled, so I asked if she worked for an agency or for herself. She then responded that she didn’t work for an agency, but worked for herself two days a week. I said, “Wow, you already are an entrepreneur!”

During our first congregational planning session for the upcoming Spring Feasts, we talked of plans to have vendors at HOI during some of the days that are not Holy Days. I asked for a show of hands from persons that were thinking of having items to sell. Many of us raised our hands.

Yehovah has given each of us ideas and skills to produce our wealth. Listen as Arthur prays for Entrepreneurship.

What Entrepreneurial skills do you have?

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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