Shalom Saints,

It was 1952 in the fall of the year and there was a sadness I could feel in the air. I was 4 years old and we were living in the same house with my Mom’s parents. Grandma had been in bed for a week. I was very close to my Grandma. Not only did I look like her, but we shared special times together. We ate buttermilk and cornbread out of her glass and she let me have a few sips of her mostly cream coffee.

Grandma had injured her leg helping my Mom repair a rental house across the street. Her grown children took Grandma to the hospital. After a few days, the doctors told her that she would never walk again. My Grandma told one of the doctors, “Jesus will heal me!” The doctor retorted, “That’s what’s wrong with you people, always thinking Jesus is going to help you!”

Immediately, my Grandma turned to my uncle and said, “Well I can’t be helped here. Take me home.” When she returned, she called me to her bedside. “Sharon, let’s pray together.”

“Ok, Grandma.” I don’t remember the words of the prayer, but they were heard by the Almighty. Within two weeks, Grandma (1894-1979) was up walking and walked until the end of her days!

My Grandma was a Christian, but she was also a living example of some of the principles of faith that Arthur spoke of in this teaching. Grandma made a declaration that she would walk again. She believed that God would heal her and He did. She fought off all doubt and fear that would have made the healing impossible. AND she taught a small child that the Almighty has precious promises available to us when we align to what He says about us. HalleluYAH!

If Christians can believe and call forth the promises from Yehovah, then we who know the truth and obey His commands, should expect to see the mighty power of the Almighty manifested in our lives even more so!

Summary of the Teaching

Arthur started the Broadcast with an uplifted and refreshing (verb tenses past and present) attitude as he implored us to rejoice ALWAYS in the Lord. Why? Because, the joy of Yehovah is our strength! This was just the beginning of so much “advice for life” shared today.

Saints, whatever we do, don’t get weary in well doing for we shall reap in due season when we faint not. Listen as Arthur motivates us to reach those persons whose lives are hanging in the balance and will only be reached by you or me.

Romans 16 is a fascinating portion of Paul’s letter!  We learn so much of Paul’s companions and those who labored with Paul in the mission field.  We get a glimpse of the times in which he lived by noting the reasons for the scattering of some of the Saints. This teaching made me think of how I would like to spend some of my time in eternity.  I want to sit and share first hand testimonies with Saints across time and nations. 

I wonder what the conversation was like if perchance Phoebe, Junia and Priscilla had fellowshipped together?  The inclusion of both genders in mission’s work and ministry offices really highlights the fact that the Kingdom is genderless in that we are all called “sons” of the Most High.

Arthur presented the backstory of each person in a way that pulled me into the Biblical times. I was able to see the struggles, the people connections (e.g., Paul and Peter had contact with some of the same Saints.) and the loving faith bonds that they relied on during difficult times.  I imagined many of the Saints coming together in a home listening to Paul’s letter being read.  I think perhaps the letter was paused a few times as prayers and thanksgivings were uttered to the Almighty.  I also think that Saints were filled with warm glows as their names and names of other beloved Saints were mentioned. 

Listen to Arthur describe the connections Paul had with these Saints:

  • Phoebe, a deaconess/minister in Cenchrea
  • Priscilla and Aquila, evangelists in Rome and Corinth
  • Apollos, mentored by Priscilla and Aquila
  • Andronicus and Junia, Apostles

Arthur gave us Good News! There were additional Apostles mentioned in the Bible.  Arthur mentions a few:

  • James, brother of Yeshua
  • Barnabas
  • Andronicus
  • Junia
  • Silas or Silvanus
  • Timothy or Timotheus

This is a good example of why we should not let theology hoodwink us and believe man’s opinion more than what is clearly written in Yehovah’s word.  AND… Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are still being called today.

Buzz on the Teaching
After listening to the teaching today, I sensed a “Hope Frame of Mind” in many of the Saints!  I had conversations with Saints that were hopeful:

  • That a difficult situation with an employer would be resolved
  • In starting an entrepreneurial business
  • About writing a teaching Blog for a people that did not speak English and were not familiar with the Messianic faith
  • That an health issue would be healed
  • Because Yehovah sent financial blessings to them
  • In having a deeper harmony with a spouse
  • That a door opened to share the true gospel with extended family members

Listen to a dynamic message on how to break out of self-defined limitations in order to renew our minds AND put our faith in Yehovah at the forefront of our lives.  Arthur concludes this portion of the service by asking us to join him in prayer that Yehovah will stir up the spiritual giftings within us. 

Share a “HalleluYAH!” with us about a time when you were hanging onto faith alone and Yehovah met your needs.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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