Shalom Saints,

Arthur introduced the Message by letting us know that Father has an established way of life, or culture, for His people.  His culture embodies the Instructions He has given us on how to relate to Him, how to relate to each other, and how we are to conduct our lives. The Feasts are an integral part of the Kingdom life.  In order to observe the Feasts properly, as the Almighty instructed, we need to know what He said and distinguish that from traditions that have been attached to the Feasts, but have no Scriptural basis.

This is a Teaching to bookmark for review each year before celebrating the 8th Day Feast.  Arthur covered the Biblical Requirements and a procedure for self-assessment after the Feasts.  Here are the Highlights from this important Teaching.

The Responsibilities of the People

  • Have a Holy Convocation/Solemn Assembly
  • Do no Servile Work
  • Present Firstfruits
  • Say Prayers for Firstfruits and 3rd Year Tithes

The Responsibilities of the Priests

  • Daily Sacrifices
  • Sabbath Sacrifices
  • Monthly New Moon Sacrifices
  • Feast Offerings

Arthur reminded us that the priests were required to make the sacrificial offerings, not the people.  Actually, the people never had access to the altar or the fire.  Understanding the different responsibilities of the people, the priests, and the Levites requires us to read the whole Torah.  In order to rightly divide the word, we have to look at what is said about an Instruction in each of the Books of the Torah that covers that Instruction.  For instance, Leviticus contains the Instructions for the 8th Day Feast without indicating who is responsible for which activities.  In Numbers, the responsibilities of the priests are enumerated.  The prayers to accompany the offerings are contained in Deuteronomy

Arthur re-emphasized that there is a reason we must not add or take away from the Word the Father has given us.  When we follow the Instructions the Father gives us, the full weight of the authority of the Almighty is with us.  This is so important because the “truth, that is not rightly divided, can blind us”. 

The 8th Day is the conclusion of the Feasts of YeHoVaH for the Biblical Year.  This is an appropriate time to Reflect, Correct, and Project for the coming year.  I hope that you will do a personal assessment and use what Arthur shared as a model for your own Reflections, Corrections, and Projections for the coming year.

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A Time for Reflection

  • Reflect on what Father has revealed to us.
  • Identify what we learned during the Feasts and apply it to our lives.
  • How and what did YeHoVaH reveal to us collectively and personally?
  • Arthur shared:
  • Father made it even clearer why we must beware of traditions that can cause us to add to the Feasts.
  • Father reminded Arthur of the need to reevaluate things he had been taught and believed about the Feasts that were incorrect.  For example, wearing white on a particular Feast Day; thinking the Spring Feasts were fulfilled and the Fall Feasts were yet to be fulfilled; and the 8th Day celebrated as Simchat Torah.
  • Father reinforced our need to walk in the authority and power we have been given over the spirit world and how we can command the elements.
  • Arthur asked for rain to be delayed for our Baptismal service.  It happened!
  • Arthur asked for a sunny day for our Family Day outing.  It happened!

A Time for Correction

  • Based on what was revealed by and learned from YeHoVaH, what corrections, or adjustments do we need to make in our lives?  Will we make those corrections? 
  • When?  If we don’t make an assignment and put a date to it, chances are that we will never get to it.

A Time for Projection

  • As we look forward to next year’s Feast cycle, how will we prepare?
  • Will we began the budgeting process to be in a better place next year than we were this year?
  • Will we began to make plans to assemble, budget the costs, and be prepared to present our Firstfruits Offerings so it is not a last minute response?
  • Will we project and keep next year’s Feasts’ cycle at the forefront of our minds?
  • Will we begin the process of looking for and observing the new moons?  Will we begin counting the months ourselves and prepare for the Biblical New Year in the 1st month and then counting up to Passover on the 14th day of the month?

In our personal self-assessments concerning the Feasts, we have to determine what commitments we are making.  As Arthur said, Father has instituted the weekly Sabbath Feast and annual Feasts to keep us mindful of Him and prepare us for the return of Messiah.  We never want to be caught unaware!  Let us always seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness while looking to Him to supply everything we need to obey Him at all times. 

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Buzz from the Fellowship

This was a bittersweet time of fellowshipping.  We were all aware that many of the Sister and Brother Saints were leaving.  We hoped that we would see them for the next annual Feast celebration in the spring for Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  In spite of this, there was still merriment amongst the Saints at the fellowship tables.

Karen and I were pleased to conduct a drawing for the Saints that had registered for the Feasts and the Family Fun Day.  We presented 25 DVD Teachings to online and in-house Saints.  The Saints were delighted to receive the Teachings.  We hoped that the Messages would enhance their spiritual growth and be used as evangelistic tools too!

There is a lot to be said about having expectations, particularly before coming into the presence of YeHoVaH at Feast time.  My Sister Saint from Texas shared with me over the phone, before she arrived in Charlotte, that she believed the Holy Spirit had laid it on her heart to pray individually with Saints.  She wanted to know where in the building that she might do this.  I shared with her several places on both levels of the building that would offer some privacy for these Elohim inspired moments.  Then we prayed for the Father’s leading in this matter. 

By the time I dropped my Sister Saint from Texas at the airport after the Feasts, she had spoken with and prayed with many Saints for healings, mental clarity, repentance and various other concerns.  HalleluYAH!

What are your expectations for your life right now as you walk in the presence of the Father?  What do you want to accomplish in your spirit life during the Spring Feasts?  Aim high, the Almighty is your resource and in Him there is NO LACK!

Until next time…  Blessings to You and Yours,


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