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Shalom Saints,

Arthur’s overarching theme for the day was, “If you’re not living out your faith … you don’t have faith!”  This fact hovered over the Teaching.  Arthur reminded us that we are the protectors of the faith once delivered to the Saints …so… we need to be doing what the Saints of old were doing!  That means our lives should be producing fruit; signs, wonders, and miracles should be in our midst.  We have been given all power and authority by Yeshua Messiah.  We must walk in it! 

Our lives should reflect that we are Contending for the Faith - 2 DVDS

This was Part Two of the Teaching The Gospel Goes to Antioch.  Arthur briefly reviewed what was previously covered and continued with the Outline from Part One.

  • Why Order is Important
  • Where the Title Messianic/Messiahians aka Christian Came From
  • The Importance of Being Planted in a Congregation/Assembly
  • The Importance of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry
  • And More …

Arthur used Scriptural context and geography to enhance our understanding of the Bible passages, to engage our minds, and to stimulate our imaginations so that we could put ourselves into the narrative.  

  • Taurus was a Roman occupied city with a large population of Hebrews. 
  • Antioch, in Syria, became Paul’s home base and the place of departure for his missionary journeys.
  • Damascus was a city in Syria. 
  • Some Hebrews will say that they are Messianic because they believe the Messiah hasn’t come, but will come.  We believe He has come and is coming again.
  • All 12 tribes of Israel being called “Jewish” is a fallacy.  There are 12 tribes and the land was divided between the tribes, or as Arthur said, “Tribalized”.

This is a good resource for Biblical context:  Halley’s Bible Handbook

Arthur spent some time discussing the purpose of sending an Apostle to plant a congregation.  The Apostle established order, based on the Torah; appointed elders; and wrote letters of instruction and correction.  When there is no apostolic order, there is chaos.  Where there is no order in the assembly and in the lives of the Saints, everyone seeks their own way and develops their own ministries. 

Apostolic order is the filter to keep out spirits, other than the Holy Spirit, and diverse doctrines that lead the Saints astray.  We need the boundaries set by the Torah that are the foundation of apostolic order.

However, Arthur said that even with apostolic order, no one can make an individual accountable, they have to submit to authority.  He went on to say that the first thing the Holy Spirit brings is self-control.  When we are part of a community, it is important to be accountable to that community. 

A very powerful portion of the Teaching was Arthur helping us to put the hurtful and damaging words and actions from others into proper prospective.  We are the sheep of the Most High and we know His voice.  We are not to listen to the voice of others.  This includes the voice of hurt, the voice of fear, the voice of self-degradation, etc.  Listen and pray along with Arthur as he prays a prayer of release from words that are not of the Father.

Buzz on the Teaching

I especially look forward to the Feasts because I get to meet out-of-town Saints that I only see at the Feasts, and I meet the Saints who are coming to HOI for the first time.  I enjoy the fellowship of getting to renew ties by catching up on our lives and faith walk since we last met.  I also delight in hearing the testimonies of the Saints that I am just meeting and sharing mine with them.

Sister Saint from Georgia came in for the week-end.  She was overjoyed that her grown daughter has become interested in the faith once delivered to the Saints and wants to visit HOI this summer.  We rejoiced with her.  She is hoping that her husband will visit this summer too.  She also shared her hopes for her sons to come into the faith.  She confessed that she had taught her sons how to be successful in the world and that is what they have done.  We are praying in agreement that her sons will come into an understanding of the true gospel and use their worldly successes for the benefit of the Kingdom.

I met a Sister Saint from Illinois who has been a part of the Online Community for some years and this was her first time coming to HOI.  She was a delight to talk to and we shared our testimonies.  She said that the Father started dealing with her about keeping the Sabbath.  Sabbath was my entrance into this faith too.  However, I went the long way around by joining the Seventh-day Adventist first.

I was quite impressed by a young Brother Saint from Wyoming.  He has been following the ministry online and has even studied the Discipline Program.  I had the opportunity to spend time with him over the weekend and I hope that he was encouraged in his faith to walk in his full authority and power given by Yeshua Messiah.

I had brief encounter with a Sister Saint who works with naturopathic treatments that use a process to increase blood flow through the body to heal various type of ailments.  I immediately thought of what is in the Torah, “life is in the blood”.

There was a couple from the mountainous area of North Carolina that came for their first time.  They were from a Christian background.  The husband said that he knew something wasn’t right in the denominational church.  He saw that the people were not living in accordance with the Bible.

Then there is my Sister Saint from Texas who has been coming to HOI for the Feasts for the past three years.  She is always my house guest while she is here.  We have so much to share and we encourage each other.  When she left the Carolinas at Passover time, she asked if my daughter could come to Texas after Pentecost.  My daughter was delighted, excited and a few more rejoicing words.  Sister Saint and I began to discuss plans and pray for my daughter’s spiritual growth; especially that she would be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Well, on Pentecost, Arthur asked for those who want to be filled, and those who want to be filled afresh, to stand.  I looked across the room and MY DAUGHTER WAS STANDING.  Sister Saint from Texas and I moved to her and each held one of her hands as the prayer was going forth.  I shared with my daughter that we had been praying for her to receive the Holy Spirit.  She beamed!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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