Shalom Saints,

Everyone is under the influence of a spirit.  The question is, “What spirit are you under?”  In Part 2 of this Teaching, Arthur continued to shed light on differentiating between truth and falsity.  Here are the critical keys that Arthur shared to help us avoid being taken captive or brought under the influence of a spirit or a false prophet.

  • A prophet’s words must ALWAYS be judged.
  • Beware of confusion and words that are confusing or cause confusion.
  • If someone gives you a word and they say it is from YeHoVaH, get it judged by your recognized and or ordained elders for your own protection.
  • If a prophet gives you a word and tells you not to tell anyone, do not believe them. Get the word judged.
  • There is safety among the true body of Messiah.
  • You are a sitting duck for false prophets if you are not part of a body of believers who believe in and operate in the Apostolic and Prophetic ministry.
  • True Biblical Prophets work with Apostles.
  • True Prophets have no problem having their words judged; in fact, real Prophets will encourage it.

Signs and wonders Do Not validate a false prophet because the Holy Spirit can choose to work through whomever and whatever it chooses.  The way to identify a false prophet is through their fruit!  Because somebody calls themselves a prophet, or other people say they are a prophet, doesn’t mean they are a prophet!

One of the tactics of false prophets is to try to bring you under their control by giving you commands to do before you can receive the word they supposedly have for you from YeHoVaH.  If you succumb to their control, you become open to whatever they say.  They now have you in a position to get you to put your trust in them. This is especially dangerous because false prophets are not submitted to or accountable to anyone. 

True Prophets will focus on having you put your trust in the Almighty not in a man.  Secondly, true prophecy will always align itself with Scripture.  True Prophets will edify the body of Messiah because the True Prophet recognizes that believers have access to everything the Holy Spirit has and every spirit-filled believer has the ability to prophesy.  To emphasize this point, Arthur asked the congregation to recite with him:

1 Corinthians 14:31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted. (KJV)

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Arthur recognized Yeshua as the chief Apostle and went on to say that True Prophets today are submitted to the Lordship of Messiah.  Prophets work in tandem with Apostles and vice versa.  With this authority, anointed True Apostles and True Prophets recognize situations and individuals that are not right and will challenge them! 

Arthur mentioned a fact about Yeshua that I had never considered in the way in which Arthur presented it. Yeshua was an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.  So when Yeshua gave us those gifts, He gave of himself.  This is the way that Messiah is building and edifying His body of believers.  As Arthur said, we all have a role to play in each other’s lives because each member of the body is accountable to the body.  And, Father is holding each of us accountable just like He is holding Arthur accountable. 

Are You Ready?

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

In the Message before the Message, Arthur elaborated on the importance of making declarations over our lives.  He reminded us that we come under the spirit of whatever we declare.  I hear people making negative declarations unaware of the prophecies they are speaking over their own lives.  When I was in the world, I would hear older people have dialogue like this:

“Good morning!  How are you today?”

“I ain’t doing so good; but ain’t no sense in talking about it ‘cause ain’t nobody wanta hear ‘bout dat.”

I agree with Arthur when he said if we are making declarations anyway, let’s declare what Father speaks over our lives.  Father speaks over our lives in accordance to what He has declared in His Word.

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When we seek the Almighty for His leading and guiding, we willingly give up our freewill right to lead and guide ourselves.  As Arthur said, when we submit to Elohim’s Lordship, we have in essence invited Him to interrupt our plans.  With hindsight, I can see where my plans were interrupted and Elohim had a better plan for me.

In 1989, when I moved from New York City back to my hometown of Detroit, it was only supposed to be a pit-stop.  I had made arrangements with my Sister for me to move to California and get a job there.  What happened?  I met Floyd in Detroit, and by the time my California move was to take place, I was already committed to Floyd.  The move turned into a visit.  I returned to Detroit and married Floyd.  This December, we will celebrate 29 years of marriage and 9 years of walking the Hebrew Roots Messianic Faith together.

It takes patience, sometimes long-suffering patience, when we align with His Plan and vow to keep our ideas and thoughts subjected to His Plan.  The reward of following YeHoVaH’s leading is that I have a freedom in my mind of knowing I follow Him and I don’t need all the answers because He is directing my path.  I trust that He will reveal His Plan for me as I need to know it and that He will provide whatever I need to carry out His plan for my life.

Buzz on the Teaching

One of the Sister Saints suggested that we plan a baby shower for one of the families that attends House of Israel.  There was immediate support for the idea.  The discussion of this topic continued through the week.  Another Sister Saint asked if men would be invited.  I mentioned that men were invited to the last shower we had, and several married and unmarried men came.  We reasoned that a baby is being born into a family, the father is a key part of the family, and he should be included.  Extending from there, the baby is being born into the family of believers and the whole body should be a part of the preparation for the child’s arrival.  So, the plans proceed for a Family Baby Shower.

I was pleasantly surprised when I looked around the Sanctuary on Shabbat and saw familiar faces from Florida.  This couple was visiting the service today on their way home from the mountains in North Carolina.  We had a sociable conversation and talked of many things.

The Saints at another table were discussing the current economic policies of the world and the possible effects that might be seen in America.  One Sister Saint correctly stated that we are not in the world’s system of government, but we belong to the Kingdom of YeHoVaH and that He will provide for us regardless of the economic conditions around us. 

There was also lively conversation recounting the good time that was had at a Brother Saint’s house last week.  Twenty or more Saints and friends came together for food, fun, and fellowship.  There was fried turkey, salads, fruits, desserts, and other homemade delights.  We played games, caught up on each other lives, and had fellowship with our true spiritual family.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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