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Even if you have only listened to a few of Arthur’s Teachings over the years, you know that he spoke the truth when he said that he ministers to your spirit and not your head.  This is a ministry where you are going to be confronted with the truth and you will have to make decisions about what to do with it.  This is a Training Center for Ambassadors of Yeshua Messiah!  Listen as Arthur expounds on our calling and how we must walk in faith, not fear!

We can only walk in what we understand, so Arthur drills down deep into the truth.  As Arthur said, we have been fed so much false information that it is hard to bypass those traditions of men even with the TRUTH.  We need the truth so that we can be in-tune with the Almighty.  When the Father speaks to us, we want to be quick to hear and obey

Arthur probes the question, “Once you come into the Kingdom, how are you going to live?”  The Law is the standard that the body of Messiah should live by.  The Law is very important, but the Law cannot save us.  However, saved people keep the Law

Arthur asks, “What is sin?”  The congregation answers, “Sin is a violation of the Law”.  Arthur goes on to say that Yeshua paid the price for our sins and the Father is not holding our sins against us.  However, there will be a day of judgment.  In the meanwhile, Father’s Grace is what is keeping us from paying the death penalty when we transgress the Law.  Even with this Grace, we must always remember that unconfessed sin is unforgiven sin.

This was a very thorough lesson on Grace.  Here are some of the other points that Arthur discussed.

  • By Grace, through faith in the atoning sacrificial blood of Yeshua, YeHoVaH has reconciled man unto Himself. Those who put their faith in Messiah Yeshua are declared Righteous!
  • Salvation requires faith in, and believing in, Yeshua as Messiah, the Savior of the world.
  • Does Grace void the law?
  • Does Grace alone save?
  • Grace is not merited or earned. Yeshua is YeHoVaH’s favor toward man, the gift of Grace.
  • Grace will reign until Judgement.
  • Grace nor Salvation can be earned or bought. Grace, Faith, and Salvation are gifts.
  • The world is under Grace. Yeshua is the ultimate and only sacrifice for the sins of mankind.
  • Grace, although extended by YeHoVaH, must be accepted by man before man can be saved.

Learn more:  What About Grace?  (Book)

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

 Arthur was quite explicit about killing the old man and not allowing our carnal selves to come into the Kingdom with us.  Truly, the Father is not trying to improve our flesh man, but has the desire to nurture our spirit man.  When I was in the church, I was not taught, nor did I seek out, how to distinguish between the two. 

I knew the 10 Commandments by heart, but I mimicked what I saw acted out by family, friends, and the religious folks.  Along with the Entertainment Industry, they were my examples of a “standard”.  During those dark years of confusion, which my flesh man enjoyed most of the time, I chased the good times.  My emotions regularly made decisions for me.  I was living my own life; I had not put the old man to death.  As Arthur said, I did not recognize that my natural mind was going to reject the commandments of YeHoVaH!

This is one bridge that we will all have to cross as we walk by faith in the Kingdom.  There is NO good life without the RESTRAINT of the Law!


Buzz on the Teaching

Always, always, always ask questions when you need understanding or clarification. 

Background information:  the sanctuary is arranged with burgundy padded chairs in a semi-circle around the podium.  Immediately behind those chairs are rectangular tables and chairs.  After the service, the whole congregation sits at the tables to eat and fellowship.  

After service, I was sitting in the fellowship area with a family who has been attending for several months.  This particular family has generally sat in the table area during services and during fellowship.  

The grandmother Saint asked me about all the seats on the carpeted area.  I was a bit puzzled as to what she meant, so I asked, “What about the chairs?”  She asked if they were for members only!  I assured her that anyone could sit in those chairs.  I also told her that I was so glad that she asked.  I then went on to explain that often the Saints sit at the tables if they want a writing surface to take notes, or to have coffee and tea during the service.  Her daughter-in-law joined in by saying that families with children find it more convenient to sit at the tables too. 

I was sure glad that was cleared up!  There is no caste system at HOI!


Our Sister Saint from Texas received her Discipleship Certificate today!  We were all happy for her.  I asked her in a text if she could hear the clapping going on for her.  She did and said she has already started the Leadership Program. 

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Arthur designed this program to be self-paced so it will fit into your lifestyle.  Bless yourself and get equipped as a disciple!  Through the Discipleship Training Program, you will learn to embrace the beauty of your faith and grow in the ability to share your faith with others.  We are commissioned by Yeshua our Messiah to make disciples!

Until next time…  Blessings to You and Yours,


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