Shalom Saints,

When my gods spoke to me, their words constantly ran through my mind.  I adored them!  In the late sixties and early seventies, my college years, I went to crowded venues to worship them.  Some of their influential sayings were:

  • Born to be wild.
  • It’s your thing, do what you want to do.
  • What you see, is what you get.
  • If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  • You’re all I need to get by.
  • Express yourself!

At the time, I did not think these forerunners of American Idol were gods to me, but now I know they were.  I memorized their verses, justified my behavior by their standards, spent my money to possess their recorded words and hear them perform Live.  I danced to their words, and I let the music ring in my ears all day.  I wanted to be one of the first to hear their new songs.  That is idol worship.  I let those gods set my standard for living and I looked to them for how to walk out my life.

HalleluYAH that there is a “PAST!”

Efraiym’s teaching is about having a “righteous” standard by which we walk. 

Summary of the Teaching
Efraiym started with a prayer to the Most High, “teach us to be your people, the sheep of your flock.”  The teaching followed suit.  Efraiym implored us not to be like the Israelites who were described in the Book of Judges as – everyone did what was right in their own eyes.  In order to be Yehovah’s people, we have to adhere to the structure that He has given us, the Torah.  When we read that Yeshua often quoted from the Tanakh (Old Testament), we should respect the Torah and obey it.

Then Efraiym launched into an historical account of the Torah.  He covered the Torah being the first five books of the Bible; the Law; the blessings derived from the Torah; our delight of the Torah; and the Torah is the structure in which we should walk.

Something to consider:  Yeshua was full of the Holy Spirit, yet He took time to seek the Father.  Shouldn’t we?  Efraiym made an analogy between the time spent with Abba (Father) and removing the barnacles from a ship.  The barnacles attached to a ship will slow down the speed of the vessel.  When we spend time with the Father, we remove erroneous mindsets that slow down our walk of faith.

Another, in your face, reality check was that the Israelites did not have copies of the scrolls at home.  They did not have access to the Bible like we do.  However, they were called to be set-apart!  We are cautioned by Efraiym that reading is NOT ALL of the walk.  If it was, what would be the purpose of the Holy Spirit?  The Torah is alive and it speaks to us through the Holy Spirit.  Listen as Efraiym discusses this and warns us to be careful that we don’t take the individual instructions that the Holy Spirit has given us and require them of others.

Efraiym delivered several powerful messages within this teaching:

  • Learn from the mistakes of the Israelites in the desert. When you allow a man to become the “go between” you and Yehovah, that man becomes your Elohim.
  • Your boldness in the Spirit comes from bearing up under the pressures of your faith being tested.
  • Our agendas need to be completely submitted to Yehovah.
  • Like David, we grow when we acknowledge our sin, repent, and are willing to take the consequences of our sin.
  • The Almighty will be faithful and give us a “right ruling” when we ask Him.
  • Agreement with the word of Yehovah is the highest currency in the Kingdom.

Check out this teaching on How to Walk. As Efraiym said, “If you are CALLED, do your job. Get on your post!”

(By the way, we are all called to be ministers to reconcile men back to Yehovah.)

Buzz on the Teaching

If we ever had a hypochondriac in our family, it was Clara. Clara was married my to 2nd cousin. She was about 15 years older than me. Clara was a heavy smoker and she suffered with breathing problems. If access to medications could heal you and keep you alive, Clara would still be living. She not only went to the doctors for prescriptions for herself, but she begged for any medications that others were not using!

Clara collected pills even when she was well, just in case she would need them later! My Mother would hide medicines, particularly pain killers, if she knew that Clara was coming to visit.

Now you might be wondering why my Mother had enough pills to hide. She was a novice pill collector, Clara was an expert! They both did not understand that pharmakeia does not heal you. That is the domain of Yehovah.

Now, the point of all of this is, the prescriptions written for one person, may or may not work for another person. In fact, the pills for one person could cause the other person to have a fatal event! (I learned that phrase from the commercials for drugs that explain some of the possible side effects. Ugh!!)

That is how it works in the natural world. In the teaching, Efraiym gave a spiritual world example; the Holy Spirit’s message to me is not necessarily applicable to someone else.

What was one of your personal messages you received from the Holy Spirit?

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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