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The seriousness of this teaching was capsulized when Arthur pronounced, “Another gospel is truly no gospel at all!”  The truth is, following what Yeshua demonstrated and taught is the only way to be reconciled to the Father.  Our Father is calling us to worship Him.  So, if another gospel is taught, it is not a gospel, only a path to the broad way of deception.

Arthur was excited to bring this message, which is truly a part of the commission to disciple the nations.  This message was also a significant part of the legacy of teachings that Arthur is leaving for the generations to come.  The message has a purpose to transform lives now, and for us to disciple others so that lives will continue to be transformed until Yeshua returns.

The prologue to the teaching set the stage for the depth of the consequences of following and worshipping men.  Arthur explained that from the very beginning, all Father wanted His people to do was simply to obey Him.  The only way that we can faithfully worship the Father is to obey Him.  As Arthur said, true Biblical worship is always directed to YeHoVaH

Arthur made clear that we were created to worship; the object of our worship is what is critical.  We will worship something or someone.  We will either worship Elohim or something else.  Our actions are manifestations of what believe and worship.  The conclusive test, to determine whether a person loves and worships YeHoVaH or not, is to look at their lifestyle.

The hard fact is that YeHoVaH rejects those who reject His Commandments.  It is hard because we all know family and friends who reject the Commandments.  We are also keenly aware that we were in that same boat too and it is only by the grace of the Almighty that we received the revelation of His truth.   Arthur was hitting hard when he said that rejecting the Father’s Commandments is rebellion; and rebellion is advertently worshipping satan!  This is serious!

Hear what Arthur has to say about Understanding Grace

Arthur gave a brief history of mankind to accentuate his point that from the very beginning, individuals have often looked to the creation, other than to the Creator, as objects of worship.  The bottom line to the worshipping of things and the worshipping of men is that it leads to the mark of the beast and the Lake of Fire.  Arthur was seriously appealing to us when he said,

You had better know whom you’re following!

Arthur was “turning on light bulbs” when he said that the wisdom, the talents, and the gifts we have were given to us by YeHoVaH not so men would worship us, but that through our works of service, men would worship and glorify YeHoVaH, our Father in Heaven!

The only way to stay on the narrow path is to humble ourselves and resist the enemy.  We humble ourselves by following the instructions of the Almighty.  We follow them whether or not that instruction comes with an explanation that we understand or agree with.  This is a learned virtue!  Arthur gave the example of Cain’s disobedience in giving an improper sacrifice and then Cain’s disregard of Elohim’s instructions to rectify the situation.

Genesis 4:5-7 but for Cain and his offering He had no respect. So Cain became extremely angry (indignant), and [a]he looked annoyed and hostile. 6 And the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you so angry? And why do you look annoyed? 7 If you do well [believing Me and doing what is acceptable and pleasing to Me], will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well [but ignore My instruction], sin crouches at your door; its desire is for you [to overpower you], but you must master it.”  (Amplified Bible)


  • Genesis 4:5 Lit his countenance fell.

Arthur was quite transparent when he admitted that he appreciated when people gave him correction. Then he gave us a critical piece of advice:

If correction is warranted … if correction is neededTake It!

Following Instructions is Vital!!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

We were made to worship!  That was a frightening thought as I looked back over my life.  However, I saw the truth in it.  I wouldn’t have called it worship then, but that is exactly what it was.  I’ll share two former idols from two different stages of my life.

The first was my maternal Grandmother.  She was born in 1894 and I was born in 1948.  She was in her fifties and sixties when I was young.  We lived in the same house with her and my grandfather.  She was the Mother of her Primitive Baptist Church and the matriarch of our family.  Grandma was the one that people would go to for advice, ask to hold their money, and would share their confidential stories.   I looked like Grandma, as far as our facial features, so I felt special and she treated me with a kindness that I hoped I would have.  Grandma would also get on me when I was mischievous and downright disobedient.  I felt bad when I disobeyed her, but not so bad that I wouldn’t disobey at times when it seemed to my advantage and I thought my rebellion would go undetected.

The idolizing part came when I believed all that she said.  From a child to a teen I saw what she did and wanted to emulate her.  I wanted to please her because she spent time with me, more so than my Mom and Dad.  So, when Grandma celebrated Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter, I celebrated and continued to do so in some fashion until 2009 when I learned that it wasn’t alright to celebrate and call it something nicer than pagan to justify the tradition.  When Grandma ate pork and put bacon grease in nearly everything she cooked, I did too until 2006 when I was introduced to the health laws in Leviticus through the Seventh-day Adventists.

The second idol had a duration through my early teens to early adulthood. I was built chunky and wasn’t a part of the “in-crowd” in school.  So, I longed to be exotic, sultry, and attractive like Sophia Loren, my movie star idol.  I straightened my hair, wore mascara, always wore lipstick, and tried to have a bit of cleavage showing in order to achieve “the look”.  It didn’t help that my Mom tried to look alluring also.  My Mother reminded me of Sophia when she wore form-fitting evening dresses and had straight hair sewn into her hair.  Along with Sophia’s looks that I admired, I made excuses for Sophia’s immoral behavior when she took up with Carlo Ponti, a married man.  When the Roman Catholic Church would not allow Carlo to divorce his first wife and marry Sophia, I took Sophia’s side and sympathized with her.  I knew it was wrong, but she was my idol!

While at dinner tonight, I discuss idols with Floyd.  Sophia Loren was his all-time teen heartthrob!  I could hardly believe it!  He even said that when he looked at Sophia that sometimes he would think of me back then.  Well of course, I wanted to know what about Sophia made him think of me.  Of all things he said, “Eyebrows”!  Our eyebrows were similar!  Now I really did think that conversation needed more exploration.  So I tried another route and asked him what he liked about Sophia.  He said she was sexy; very alluring; liked the way that she talked; and in the Movies, she was strong willed, and took command.  Now we were getting to a more realistic assessment of a worldly teenage boy’s desires. 

Both Floyd and I could see where the entertainment industry had a big effect on our morals and the belief that we could separate being holy and going to church on Sunday from living like we chose every other day of the week.  Hey!  That’s a name of a Hollywood blockbuster, Never on Sunday!  When we became serious about our walk of faith, we stopped cutting corners and started following the Father’s instructions in 2009.

Any idol, whether is it a thing or a person, is placing another god before Elohim.  Remember, that is tantamount to worshipping satan.  Beware!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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