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I counted at least seven Messages before Arthur turned over the service to the Worship Team! The Holy Spirit was flowing through Arthur effortlessly. After the worship in song and praise, Arthur’s prayer time broke out into another message and then we went back into worshipping in song with a rousing rendition of one of our HOI favorites, Psalm 42. That was followed by prayer and then Arthur plunged into the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 1.

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Arthur reminds us that Luke, a physician by trade, was also a fellow traveler with Paul, and was the author of The Acts of the Apostles. Luke’s information for his writings came from his research and interviews conducted with eyewitnesses of Yeshua. Arthur also mentioned that the first Chapter of Acts records the last words of Yeshua in His resurrected body while He was still here on earth.

One of the stated purposes for the teaching was… “your eyes will be open, the Word will be illuminated and you will be able to connect several passages today.”

As amazing as it seems to us, Yeshua had to convince His disciples of who He was after His death and resurrection! The disciples questioned the resurrected Yeshua because the Yeshua, they knew, was dead. Like many of the Apostles and other disciples, Peter had purposed in his mind that the resurrection was not going to happen, so when he went to the tomb to look for Yeshua, he was looking for a dead Yeshua! Arthur takes the time to teach verse by verse through the 24 Chapter of Luke. Listen to the portion of Arthur’s presentation describing the two men in bling and the evidence that substantiates the disciples were unbelieving believers.

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What were some of the conclusive proofs that Yeshua had truly resurrected? 

  • Yeshua walked through a locked door.
  • Yeshua appeared to the Apostles (except Judas)
  • Yeshua appeared to James, His brother
  • Yeshua appeared to Peter
  • Yeshua appeared to over 500 individuals
  • Yeshua appeared to Paul

Arthur concluded this dynamic teaching by telling us that our unbelief is preventing us from becoming who Yehovah wants us to be. Yehovah wants us whole!

Arthur then follows the leading of the Holy Spirit and invites all those that need a healing in their body, a deliverance in their body, and those that need a miracle from Yehovah, to stand in belief and receive prayer.

Arthur starts by saying, “Father, we are a people that believe in miracles!”


Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

Today, I was rejoicing and humbled by Yehovah’s goodness. I rejoiced that the new building, which we all had been praying for, was now ours and it was “debt free”!! I was humbled to realize how much Yehovah loved us and how true it is that all things are possible for those that believe.

Arthur is a great example of being a believer in what the Father has spoken to him. Arthur said he had to cast out all thoughts of doubt and not entertain the “what if” conversations that some people wanted to bring to him. Arthur reasoned that our Father owns it all, so we shouldn’t have a problem believing Him for our own piece of land.

When you borrow, you become a slave to the lender! Listen and be inspired as Arthur delivers an arousing Message before the Message that we are setting the standard. We, as a ministry and a congregation, are not going to be slaves to the world. We are not going to fit into the status quo, we are going to redefine the status quo!

Buzz on the Teaching

We had four guests this week; a married couple and two Brother Saints. They all stayed for the fellowship and were actively involved in conversations with the regularly attending Saints.

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The couple was vacationing in North Carolina and are beginning to think about moving closer to HOI. They have been active in the Online Community for a while. I had a lively conversation with them and they mentioned they recognized me by my “laugh”. As I was leaving the table to allow Arthur to fellowship with them, the Sister Saint asked me to laugh one more time. Of course, I laughed at the request!

Sometime later, one of the HOI Sister Saints asked me, “Sharon, who is that Sister in the kitchen helping to clean up. I’ve never seen her before.” When I turned around, to my surprise, the guest Sister Saint had on an apron and was helping to clean up!” I spoke to Floyd, my husband and a regular helper in the kitchen, “How did that happen?” Floyd said, she walked in the kitchen and said, “I came to help.”

Well, they are surely making themselves at home and we are looking forward to their return.

One of the guest Brother Saints, from Charlotte, asked for the list of Biblically Clean foods so that he has an idea of what to bring the next time he joins us. The Brother Saint even sat in on the “Topic Discussion” group.

The Sister Saint moderating the Topic Discussion group explained the benefits of intermittent fasting (Example: only eating 8-10 hours during the day and then fasting the rest of the day with water or other non-caloric liquids).

Several other Sister Saints had also been intermittently fasting and reported losing weight, clearing up some physical issues like high blood pressure, and having an increased clarity of mind.

She further explained that after 16 hours of not eating, the body starts to burn stored fat. Another Sister Saint agreed and shared an insight that the Father had given her. She explained that when Israel was given instructions for the sacrifices, they were told that certain fats belonged to the Almighty. The sacrificial fat was described as a sweet smelling aroma to our Elohim. The Sister Saint then said, she envisions herself as a living sacrifice and the burning of her stored fat as a sweet fragrance to the Almighty. We all praised Yehovah and there were many “HalleluYAHs” shouted around the table.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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