Shalom Saints,

Arthur made it quite clear that we are returning to the Hebrew Roots of the faith that starts with the Torah in the Old Testament, not the Greek Roots of the faith that begins with Matthew in the New Testament.  Arthur also reminded us that the Torah is the Law of YeHoVaH, not the Law of Moses.  Moses received the Law from the Almighty.  

As sons and daughters of the Most High we have been invited to be like HIM and rule with HIM.  How awesome is that?!  When we keep YeHoVaH’s Law we are promised that blessings will come and overtake us!  Then Arthur began to explain what is prescribed by our Elohim for The Eighth Day.  The Eighth Day immediately follows the Feast of Tabernacles, a seven day Feast. 

The Almighty wants us to stay connected to Him.  He has set aside Feast days to come into His Presence.  He lets us know not to come empty handed.  The Almighty tells us to give, however He entrusts us to determine the amount of the Firstfruit offering.  Listen to Arthur explain how the Feasts help maintain our connection to the land and that connection keeps us connected to the Most High.

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The Eighth Day or the Last Great Day is a Sabbath and is a solemn assembly.  We are commanded to do no servile work.  Arthur expounds on the fact that when we do not keep the Commanded Feast Days of the Almighty, we make up things to celebrate. 

Arthur concluded the teaching with a challenge to us.  He declared that this is:

  • A time for Reflection
  • A time for Correction
  • A time for Projection

Listen to this vital portion on the teaching.  We have to be careful not to just go through the motions of keeping Torah when the evidence of our compliance is not there.  We should obey the Father at all times and be looking to the Father to supply everything we need.


The Father promises that if we put Him first, we will not lack.

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

I was convicted by the Holy Spirit, BIG TIME, today!  I was speaking to a Saint and the Holy Spirit told me not to say what was on my mind and in my mouth to speak.  I felt the nudging in my spirit, but I started anyway thinking that what I had experienced would be “cute and funny”.  Before I could get out two words, someone interrupted us and I was needed elsewhere.  15 minutes later, I passed by that Saint and they reminded me that I was about to say something and was interrupted.  Now … I had the choice to obey the Holy Spirit and disappoint the Saint; or please the Saint and grieve the Holy Spirit.  I told the Saint the funny situation.  We both laughed, but as soon as I turned to go sit down, I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach and in my spirit.

When I reached my seat, I felt a heavy dread come over me.  The Praise Team was worshipping.  I was overcome by my blatant disobedience and my words could not be taken back!  I got fearful.  I went to my knees and asked forgiveness, but I knew there was more.  This was not the first time I found myself in a predicament because I ignored the Holy Spirit.  How was this going to be my last time?  What would be my Exit Strategy for removing myself from the temptation to grieve the Holy Spirit?

I thought about how Arthur often says, “I’m not going there.”  He stops a train of thought, regroups, and then continues according to the way the Holy Spirit leads.  That is what I will do!  I can say, “On second thought, I don’t think I need to go there.” 

The Praise Team started singing, “Turn the Page”, a song of repentance!  HalleluYAH!!

I continued speaking to the Father and said that when I rise off my knees, I will be renewed.  I already recognize Your nudging and Your voice.  I will obey.  I also recognize that when I sense your voice, I seem to think that the consequences are minimal for that instance, but I recognize I have created a “pattern” of disregard and now I am in a place where I know I deserve your wrath, but I fall on your mercy and grace.  I don’t want to go beyond the bounds of your protection, so I Turn the Page, I repent.  I will pass the character tests that await me!

I didn’t have to wait too long!  The same Saint was at a gathering later and tried to provoke me.  I smiled and said, “I am not going to go there.”

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Buzz on the Teaching

I hope you are ready for more action packed days as I continue my Journal through the week of Tabernacles. 

Wednesday, after the vendors closed for the day, my family and the Sister Saint from Texas met the family from the Bahamas at a local restaurant known for their fried fish and hush puppies.  We were there only minutes when David Salinas, two of the Praise Team Saints, and a visiting family from New Jersey arrived.  We laughed as the server sat them at a table next to us.  A few minutes later, Arthur called and asked to join us.  Wow!  We had a scrumptious meal, fellowship, some serious Bible talk AND Arthur took the whole group to see the new building with the renovation in progress.  The guests were amazed at how large the new site is and all the room for future expansion.

On Thursday, the truffles arrived!  One of our regular attending Sister Saints had handmade delectable morsels of lemon/coconut; strawberry crème; key lime pie; and chocolate.  We popped samples in our mouths and savored the flavors, while determining which ones to buy.  Hmmm!  All of the vendors made sales and I know some left with special orders to make. HalleluYAH!

That evening was Searching the Scriptures with Arthur Bailey.  He gave a powerful message on the controversial topic of Head Coverings. 

After The Eighth Day teaching today, the fellowship was intense for me because I knew we only had one more day and I wanted to spend time with so many of the guest Saints.  I wasn’t the only one that yearned to extend the fellowship time.  Brother Vincent spontaneously decided to invite all of us to his house.  About 30 Saints went to his home.  We all pitched in to raid the refrigerator and set out a feast of chicken, breads, dips, cake, and other assorted delights.  One Saint from Wisconsin, who is moving here in November, made fruit and veggie smoothies.  She and the Sister Saint from the Bahamas took turns singing and playing the guitar. 

I am looking forward to sharing the last Journal of the Feast with you.  Please join me for the next Blog. 


Until next time … Blessings to You and Yours,


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  • Sharon says:

    Shalom Maureen,

    My continuing prayer for the body of Messiah is that we will have eyes to see, ears to hear, and the heart and mind to understand and OBEY.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  • Maureen says:

    Aunty Sharon thanks for sharing, with us and Yes may we all willingly obey Yehovah. AMEN

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