Shalom Saints,

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This teaching cleared up some long held misconceptions! The false notions which have blocked our ability to see the beauty and the better covenant Yeshua has enabled us to have.

  • Is the Old Covenant and the Old Testament one and the same? NO
  • Is the New Covenant and the New Testament one and the same? NO
  • The Old and New Testaments are a collection of books/writings.
  • The Old and New Covenants are not collections of books.
  • The Old and New Covenants are treaties/allegiances/pledges between Elohim and man
  • When the New Testament speaks about the Old Covenant, the New Testament is referring to a specific covenant in the Old Testament NOT the entire Old Testament.

Listen as Arthur elaborates on the definitions of covenant and testament. Then he dealt with the questions about what portion of the Old Testament is considered the Law, and who were the Old and New Covenants made with?

The Old Covenant was not faulty as some would say. It was the people who broke the covenant who were “faulty”. The people had chosen rebellion and the result was receiving the curses as delineated in Deuteronomy 28. At that point, Yehovah was no longer obligated to protect them with blessings. Therefore a new covenant was necessary in order to reconcile man to the Almighty. The New Covenant was made with the same people as the Old Covenant: Israel and those that joined themselves to the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Arthur describes how the New Covenant is a better covenant. Listen as he dramatically describes how Yehovah forgives our adultery against Him and remembers our sins no more.

Yehovah does not break covenant with us. Our Father is trustworthy, He promises to NEVER fail us. Even when we sin, He will forgive us and cleanse us from all iniquity. All we have to do is repent and turn away from our transgressions. HalleluYAH!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

I used to believe the New Testament was the New Covenant. I was taught that when Jesus came, all the Old Testament became history. I didn’t even think a “protesting thought” when only the New Testament was handed out. When I saw just the Book of John given out, I did think that the church should have at least bought the new folks a “whole New Testament!” However, I didn’t say anything, I just pondered.

Later in life, when I was 50 years old, we adopted infants. I raised them with a bit more spunk. I often had to stand in as referee between my daughter and the adults whom she judged as unfair. Many times she was correct, but a bit disrespectfully in telling them about “her rights.”

We lived on farms and many of the canned and convenience foods used by our city relatives were foreign to my children. On one occasion, my children were allowed to visit my mother in Detroit for an overnight stay. I had given my Mom the rundown of what they could and could not be fed: no bacon, no pork bologna, no shrimp from “Dot and Etta’s”, no ribs from “Jerry’s”, you get my drift. My children were also old enough, 8 and 9, to know what they could and could not eat.

Well, the next morning I picked up the phone to hear two concerned muffled voices, “Ma! Ma! Nana is trying to feed us milk for pets.


My daughter said, quite indignantly, “It says right here on the can…Pet Milk!” My son piped up, “AND it has a cow on the can!!”

I laughed when I understood the situation. They had never seen milk from a can with the contented cow. My Mom used the evaporated milk to pour over oatmeal for breakfast.

Neither my mother nor I could convince them to try the foreign milk.

This is a loose analogy, but we need to take the attitude that when faced with concepts that don’t make sense with the truth that we do know, investigate, don’t just succumb and accept what you don’t understand.

Buzz on the Teaching

I enjoy the fellowship we share after services. Sometimes I momentarily stand to the side and watch the interactions of my Sisters and Brothers. I love them. This Shabbat, I witnessed a lot of them helping one another.

First, we have a young couple in the congregation who are expecting their first child in a month. Neither of their parents live in the Carolinas. The wife’s Mother is expected to arrive on the due date. When the husband said, “We are afraid,” a signal went out across the room. I saw many people ministering to the young couple.

While they were sitting alone at a table, one experienced mother told the young wife what to expect during labor in a comforting way.

Later, the young mom stood, leaning against a chair, rubbing her abdomen with an uncomfortable look on her face. “He keeps stretching!” Another Sister Saint was encouraging her that it is good that the baby is turning. The soon to be born son needed to get in the birthing position with his head pointed down.

I also saw a third Sister Saint, who has a toddler, sitting and reassuring them that everything would be alright. She explained that she was looking forward to being with the young mom through the whole birthing process at the hospital. She is going to be there as a support and ensure that the young mom’s birthing plans will be carried out the way that she and her husband want.

Near sundown, the young couple had a more relaxed attitude as they exchanged lively conversation with an older couple that had grandchildren.


My Sister Saint said to the Brother Saint, “I reflect about what I am going to say before I speak. Scripture says to be slow to speak.”

“I agree!”

I had joined the tail-end of a conversation about how to avoid “mess” in a conversation. This turned out to be a lively conversation as one of the participants pointed out about how “mess” can escalate to drama.


“How do you respond to someone that comes to you with a negative/bad attitude?” This was voiced to a small group of us sitting around the table.

Our Texas Sister Saint said, “Don't TAKE offense; it is a choice.” We all agreed.

Arthur, in a recent lesson had said whenever we are faced with a difficult interpersonal encounter, “always leave an impression of righteousness.”

This is my family!!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


To Read The New Covenant - A Better Covenant Pt 2 Teaching Review CLICK HERE!

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  • Arthur Bailey says:

    Shalom Rosalinda,

    We look forward to your “Feast Visits” too! You have made personal connections with so many of us. You are FAMILY. Thank you for your steadfastness in pray for those of us in need.

    See you at Tabernacles!

  • Rosalinda Villarreal says:

    I always come back to Texas filled with joy, refreshed and happy. The love that pours out through our HOI family builds me up, that love edifies me and corrects me too but in a way that is palatable. I come home with a “new attitude”! One thing I learned in this teaching is the difference between Covenant and Testament. That was eye opening. This is a great teaching and worth listening to it again.

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