The Gospel According to Matthew

The Gospel According to Matthew

by Arthur Bailey

The Introduction The Gospel According to Matthew
In the Introduction, we will look into Matthew's Israelite upbringing, who he was, why he wrote his account, when he wrote it, and who his intended audience was. As a disciple of Yeshua, Matthew provides unique insight into the ministry of the Messiah due to Matthew's knowledge of the history of the Hebrew people and his close proximity to the Savior.
Messiah’s Bloodline Matthew 1:1-17
The genealogy of Yeshua is vital prophetically in determining if Yeshua is in fact the prophesied Messiah. Matthew traces Yeshua's bloodline back through Perez, the son of Tamar and Judah to Israel, to Isaac, and to Abraham, the father of us all who live by faith.
Messiah’s Conception Matthew 1:18-25
In our last study on Messiah's Bloodline, Arthur followed the two bloodlines revealed in Matthew and Luke to uncover the probability of both Joseph's lineage and the lineage of Mary, through David's sons Solomon and Nathan. This week, Arthur examines the message given to Joseph in a dream asking him to do something no man in recorded Biblical history has ever done. Joseph is to take for a wife a woman who is impregnated by the Holy Spirit.
The King is Born Matthew 2:1-12
he circumstances and events surrounding the conception and birth of Yeshua, the Messiah, are extraordinary in that they have occurred only once in all of human history. Messiah's birth took place in a known town, but it was in a private, isolated, obscure, and somewhat secretive place with minimal witnesses. However, it is recorded for the entire world to see.
Yeshua goes to Egypt Matthew 2:13-23
"YeHoVaH, through a dream, informed the wise men, who had come to worship the King, to return to their country another way. YeHoVaH revealed to Joseph in a dream about the plans of Herod to kill Yeshua. YeHoVaH then instructs Joseph to take his wife and son to Egypt and await further instructions.
Repentance and Religion Matthew 3:1 –12
Several hundred years before the Savior was born, YeHoVaH spoke to His servant Isaiah, the prophet, to warn the people to repent and to foretell of the Redeemer who would come and save Israel from their sins, themselves, and their enemies. Isaiah prophesied that before the Savior came, there would be a voice of one crying in the wilderness saying, ""Prepare the way for YeHoVaH"".
John Baptizes Yeshua Matthew 3:13-17
Listen as Arthur examines the question of whether Yeshua was baptized, or mikveh-ed by John in the Jordan River. Baptism is a doctrine laid out in the New Testament for those who follow Yeshua the Messiah. Many in the Messianic and Hebrew Roots use the term mikveh in relation to and, in some cases, as opposed to baptism. Are believers instructed to mikveh or be baptized?
The Spirit, the Word, and the devil Matthew 4:1-11
John the Baptist witnesses the Holy Spirit descending on Yeshua in fulfillment of what YeHoVaH had said to him and thereby YeHoVaH reveals the ""Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world"". The same Holy Spirit then leads Yeshua in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.
The Kingdom Gospel Matthew 4:12-25
Yeshua, led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness, is empowered to resist, overcome the temptations of the devil, and enabled to command the devil to get away from Him. Upon hearing the news that John was imprisoned, Yeshua relocates from Nazareth to Capernaum and begins His public ministry. In the power of the Holy Spirit, Yeshua begins to lay the foundation of The Kingdom Gospel and calls disciples to follow Him.
Yeshua’s First Public Teaching Matthew 5:1-12
Yeshua returned from the wilderness in the Power of the Holy Spirit after forty days of fasting and being tempted by the devil. Yeshua taught the Kingdom Gospel to the Hebrews in their synagogues and healed sickness and disease throughout the region of Galilee. Then, large groups of Gentiles heard of His healing ministry and brought the sick to Him from all over the region and beyond Jordan in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.
Salt, Light, and the Law Matthew 5:13-20
"In this portion of Matthew, the Messiah continues His first public teaching. It is commonly known as the Beatitudes (blessings) from the Sermon on the Mount. Yeshua's teaching transitions from the blessings to the expected role of his followers in the earth; their ethics, moral codes, and values they were/are to live by; and how they were/are to conduct themselves in the world.
Yeshua Teaches The Law Matthew 5:21-30
For those who had ears to hear, Yeshua gave instructions on how believers in the Kingdom were to conduct themselves morally and ethically in the world kingdoms.
Yeshua Teaches on Divorce Matthew 5:31-32
Yeshua's first public teaching, concerning the Kingdom Gospel, covered a variety of topics that were pertinent to those who desired to enter the Kingdom and follow Him.
Oaths, Attitude, Hate and Love Matthew 5:33-48
Yeshua's teaching on divorce was a sharp contrast from the teachings of the teachers of the law, who were responsible for teaching the people of Israel the Law.
Charity, Prayer, Forgiving and Fasting Matthew 6:1-18
Spirit-filled and Spirit-led people must be Kingdom minded in all we do and say to access and receive the rewards of our Father in Heaven. Yeshua addresses a wide variety of issues facing the people of the Kingdom.
Money, Worries, and Kingdom Righteousness Matthew 6:19-34
Yeshua's first public teaching was to a multitude of people who had come from the surrounding area of Galilee, from Decapolis, from Jerusalem, from Judaea, and from beyond Jordan.
Kingdom Minded Living Matthew 7:1-14
During Yeshua's first public teaching, He instructs His listeners to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Yeshua continues to teach them how they are to see things from a Kingdom perspective in judging ..
Understanding Kingdom Authority Matthew 7:15-29
Kingdom Minded Living requires an understanding of Kingdom Authority. Kingdom Authority is a source of power similar to, but different than the Power of the Holy Spirit.
Walking in Kingdom Authority Matthew 8:1-17
Kingdom Authority and Kingdom Power are unique and distinct from one another as discussed in our previous teaching “Understanding Kingdom Authority”. Kingdom Power is the work of the Holy Spirit manifesting its..
The Price of Kingdom Living Matthew 8:18-34
Kingdom Authority, Kingdom Power, and Kingdom Living come with a price. Kingdom Authority is given to those who have been chosen by Yeshua in YeHoVaH and who have accepted the calling of Messiah in their service to YeHoVaH.

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    You cannot declareYeshua as Lord and Master while exalting someone else’s teachings above your Lord and Master.
    by Arthur Bailey

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