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Firstfruits – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,My Mama was called a “hot mess” by a social worker that knew her well. Mama was strong willed and would use any leverage that she thought would work at the time. I tried to refrain from having conflicts with her, but sometimes they were unavoidable. Consequently, we sometimes found ourselves in the “ring” […]

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Will a Man Rob God – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,Journal Entry from September 19, 2002:Four year old Winston cried and cried for one more bedtime story. I hugged him and explained that he needed to focus on what he had gotten and not what he had not gotten. Floyd had threatened a spanking if Winston didn’t be quiet. Floyd had to be at […]

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Passover 2017 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,In my maternal family, the Tooth Fairy didn’t appear until my generation. I was the first to receive the quarters for lost teeth. I found this out when I asked my Mom if the Tooth Fairy had visited her when she was a child. She chuckled and said, “Nobody had money to throw around […]

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House of Israel Insider: It’s Not Finished

​Review of TeachingShalom Saints,“My Grandma set me up!!”When I moved back to Detroit, my hometown, in 1989, my paternal Grandma invited me to go to church with her. I went. After service, several people approached me with questions that were kind of personal. I had nothing to hide, so I cheerily answered. Someone even asked […]

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