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Romans 16 Part 2 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,I remember searching for truth in all the wrong places; going from congregation to congregation. There are thousands, millions, and maybe billions of people who are seeking truth and some who aren’t necessarily seeking, but would recognize the truth as what they need, if they heard it. The veil of darkness around me was […]

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1 Peter 5 – Teaching Review

Our family joined the United Brethren Church in Michigan. Their motto, or phrase that encapsulated their beliefs and supposedly guided their behavior was:Keeping Christ and the Cross at the Center of All We Do!To make sure that we all “towed the line”, a group of new members was periodically herded into the pastor’s office and […]

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Romans 15 Part 3 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,My Mom was a former Jehovah’s Witness and she knew the drill on how to corner people and get in her required time of evangelism during the week. I remember a time when she and my Dad came to visit me in Pittsburgh in the seventies. One day, Mom came and sat next to […]

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1 Peter 4 Part 2 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,“Sharon, I’m impressed by your credentials and I have enjoyed talking with you immensely, but you just don’t have the skills for this job.”I wasn’t too disappointed, because I knew I didn’t have the skills for the job, but I wanted the interview to see if I could somehow work my way into the […]

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Romans 15 Part 2 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,Ruby was a large, all white, Nubian goat that stood almost 4 feet high at the top of her head. She was a part of the herd of a mixture of goats we had on our farm in Morenci, Michigan. One day in early winter, without any symptoms, Ruby died. We all really missed […]

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1 Peter 4 Part 1 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,I was a denominational junkie. They spoke. I followed. When I did question their words, I listened to their rationale instead of doing my own research. Now … what good was that? The Churches (other than the Adventists) told me various reasons why I could eat pork. I have eaten pork in nearly every […]

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